Probably a big reason to interact with the viewers as well. So make sure that you are not only broadcasting, but that the viewers can really be part of your live stream. And I don’t mean just through chat. Come up with a fun challenge that everyone can participate in at home, work with fun tools such as Mentimeter and Kahoot or invite viewers to your livestream. This is possible with, for example, Instagram, Zoom and via StreamYard also on Facebook and LinkedIn. And my last…bonus tip: make sure you have good internet – preferably with a backup.

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Measure the speed of the internet in advance on location. Because: without internet no livestream! Live streaming, do you have any tips? What are your favorite tools to Lebanon Phone Number or host webinars? Do you have any tips for cameras or software? Please let me know. Leave a comment! This way you can involve colleagues with less technical knowledge in your innovation process June 30 is the time for the 2nd edition of Content Conference.

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Questions to Ask Yourself

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