You can also keep it simple with a number of phones (for example, you can connect different phones and webcams via Zoom and StreamYard). Another tip is to switch and do the graphics via the widely used open source software OBS (free). Also Read: 8 Types Of Online Videos That Work For Entrepreneurs [Infographic] 5. Get good sound Audio can have a huge impact on how good the presenter/host comes across, how pleasant it is to listen to and therefore how professional the live stream comes across. My biggest tip: start with the sound in the room itself.

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How does it sound here? Choose a room with little reverberation and background noise. Is there reverberation, can you hang panels or use fabric? You can also invest Latvia Phone Number a microphone. When I first started, I always simply wore a headset. It removes a lot of background noise. Nowadays I work with different microphones and pop filters. 6. Control good light With good light you can make your livestream look a lot more professional

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In one fell swoop. You want the person or people to be properly highlighted. Don’t have studio lights? Make use of daylight as much as possible. So stand in front of a window, or use a construction lamp and reflect the light off your ceiling or wall. I myself have several studio lamps that partly hang from the ceiling (so I don’t stumble over tripods). 7. Don’t just send, make sure you interact Why are you going live?

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