In other words: it is not possible to pay with iDeal. This can be set up, but a developer will be involved. Also at Kajabi, the possibilities are limited to what Kajabi offers. It’s a nice blueprint to get started with, but it leaves something to be desired if you have something in mind that doesn’t fit within their framework. With both Kajabi and Huddle you will always be stuck with the monthly costs. If you have e-learning that you will use for the next 10 years, the costs will increase further compared to setting up your own environment once.

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Logo Huddlehuddle An e-learning and community platform, developed by IMU. With a monthly investment you can develop an e-learning in combination with a social Ivory Coast Phone Number in simple steps. Investment for Huddle You pay 70 euros per month for the license. Setting up the community and content is easy to do yourself. If you are not handy with computers, you still have to hire someone to do this for you. Benefits of Huddle Huddle is part of IMU from

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Amsterdam and therefore they offer a Dutch-speaking helpdesk. It is easy to set up yourself. Updates and maintenance are done for you. Here too, an app from your learning environment and community is already included in the package. Disadvantages of Huddle You’re stuck with what Huddle is offering. IMU has thought very carefully about which tools are made available to you to set up a complete community and e-learning.

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