The number of followers of our Facebook page decreases slightly by just under 1%. The decline in the number of followers has already started in recent years, but the traffic from the platform is more relevant. The question is whether Facebook can still reverse the declining popularity of the platform, or whether it is slowly coming to an end. This post about the marketers had the most reach this year and the runner up about Mailchimp also sparked a heated discussion.

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Social post at MailChimp can go out the window YouTube, Pinterest & Twitter What about other social channels? Our YouTube account now China Phone Number about 5,700 subscribers (an increase of over 5%). At Pinterest , the number of followers increased by about 3% to 10,100. The number of followers on Twitter drops to 237,600. We expect the decline to continue in the coming years, but perhaps the platform surprises us. Will the new CEO be able to re-energize Twitter?

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Academy: top educator, quality mark & ​​high success rates Frank watching Academy became top leader in the Emerce 100 for the 7th year in a row. We were with no less than 6 stars and became the number 1. This has never been seen before. Something we are of course very proud of. We owe this to our passionate trainers and satisfied participants, many thanks for this! Also something to celebrate: we obtained the quality mark of NRTO, the sector organization for private educational institutions, education and training

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