Engage and interact with your audience. Are you expecting something from your audience? A sharing, a like, a Ukraine WhatsApp Number List a subtle way, of course.

The best way to get something on the Internet and social networks is to ask for it directly. Promote their interventions. Intervene, answer their questions. Start debate. Thank them. This is the right way to co-build your brand image with your audience, a sine qua non for making it a powerful brand image.

Be close to your target. Your target is human, your brand must be too. Humanize each of your interventions. If your target doesn’t react to what you say or do, you’ve wasted your time – and your money. Encourage her to respond, share, and even create content.

For this you have different options. For example, you can integrate a Call-to-Action (call-to-action button) like this one into your content :

New call-to-action. Engage and interact with your audience. Some prefer text, others images. Communicate in writing, orally, in photos, in articles, in videos. Use whatever means you think will be effective to reach your target.

Make your brand image a common cause internally
All your employees have their role to play in creating your brand image, we were talking about this earlier.

Marketing and communication services of course. The direction is obvious. But also human resources with the employer brand, your sales force, after-sales service, accounting …

Their missions must be carried out taking into account the dimensions of your brand image. Building your brand image is a real business project!

Send The Right Message To The Right Person At The Right Time

Consider your resources. Your branding strategy should be developed taking into account your financial and human resources. Don’t have eyes bigger than your stomach.

If you don’t have the budget, the skills or the staff to carry out your actions, you will be hit hard! Focus on actions that you are sure you can perform. Anticipate the necessary needs for those who are not within your reach at the moment!

Ask the opinion of your target Do not hesitate to ask the opinion of your target on your communication and your brand image. What does she think of your image? If it had to sum up your brand in 3 words, what would they be? You might be surprised at the answers. If you have to remember only one thing from this article, it is that you must build your brand image in collaboration with your target.


Use all the means at your disposal to collect this feedback. Ask your salespeople to include this action in their follow-up meeting with your customers, or send them satisfaction questionnaires, for example.

To go further: How to calculate your Net Promoter Score (NPS)? Improve yourself and don’t give up! Whatever you do is not enough. It is a fact. You should always strive to improve yourself and ask yourself what you can do to optimize your branding image. Your competition will not let you do it, always stay one step ahead!

Besides that, on the Internet and social networks, things are going fast. The expectations and behaviors of the buyer evolve at the same pace. You must therefore regularly update your brand image. If you do not immediately achieve the desired results. Draw the right conclusions! Try to understand where and how you failed.

Building An Image To Meet This Crucial Challenge In The Age Of Infobesity

Take your strategy from the beginning, rework it. Remember, a brand image is a long process and a journey strewn with pitfalls! So do not hesitate to regularly analyze the performance of your actions and follow the appropriate indicators to measure your gain in notoriety and visibility.

7 psychological principles to create a strong brand image. If the levers used change regularly, the psychological concepts to which they appeal have always been the same. Building a powerful brand image means exploiting all the psychological levers that will allow you to attract and hold the attention of your target.

Some will speak of manipulation. It all depends on what you actually do with it. To build an impactful brand image, I therefore encourage you to watch this video on the subject: In this video, I show you how to build a relevant branding image for selling pen palettes. It is in fact the Marketing version of this world famous exercise: “Sell me this pen!” “.

After that, you know what you have to do to create your brand image: GET TO WORK. Do you want to be more visible on the Internet and social networks? Download the guide!

create effective emailing by analyzing data. 62% of Marketing professionals say they are sometimes overwhelmed by the mass of data generated with Big Data. However, Big Data has a stronger advantage for bigger companies. The challenge of Big Data: limit unfair competition between large groups and small businesses.

This is one of the huge drawbacks of Big Data: Big Data benefits larger companies more. Big boxes – and especially GAFAMs – produce more data than any more traditional company. Suddenly, these large companies benefit from a huge competitive advantage over start-ups and VSEs / SMEs.

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