Hero Video If one picture is worth a thousand words, how much does one video say? It is logical that many organizations opt for a full-screen huge a** video on the homepage. In your face: here we are. The best examples put series of ultra-short shots one after the other. Images of products, of people, associative image that betrays purpose and defines the market. Dynamic, multicolored and evolving – that’s the message. An overly emphatic storyline is taboo. And audio is completely out of the question. Good examples can be found at Ferrari , Twinkly , Big Green Egg and (below) VanMoof.

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video player 00:00 00:13 For your information: we use the term hero-image or hero-video for the large plate at the top of a landing/home page. That image alone Paraguay Phone Number the story. As a hero carries the whole imagination of proposition and brand image on his shoulders. Hence. 7. Responsive Logos Every website today adapts neatly to the screen it is viewed on. On larger screens, there’s plenty of room for a header with bold menu buttons, a full-width hero image, search bar, and tagline logo. But on mobile screens that becomes cramped.

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So things have to be left out. Responsive logos. Responsive logos from Wehkamp, ​​Kwantum, Monsterboard, Frankwatching and Marktplaats. In order to be of service to users on a mobile basis, you would do well to design the functional matters in particular in a pleasant way. You can turn the menu into a hamburger and you can omit large visuals. A tagline can also be omitted. But the logo? What then remains of brand experience? Wehkamp, ​​Kwantum, Monsterboard, Frankwatching and Marktplaats have provided their platforms with a responsive logo: brand experience without cramping. It seems so simple, but you don’t come across such a logo in variants very often. We suggest a few more brands below.

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