If you are reading these lines, it is because, like me, you are fond of these tutorials and blog posts that give you more or Tunisia Phone Number List and everything. Or not… In any case, this one, you will love it!

We live in a wonderful era where knowledge is transmitted with the click of a button through the Internet and social media. In this age, theoretically, you can successfully achieve anything you want to achieve, achieve your wildest goals. Thousands of blogs will help you do this. Do you want to start your business? You will find all the keys to this online.
With blogs, social media, videos, webinars, and other white papers, the Internet has content that lets you do ANYTHING. There are even resources to make you more productive, more efficient, more attractive and even happier!

4 tips to do this, 7 steps to do this, 15 tips, 18 tracks, 50 things… just little players! With my 1000 tips to succeed in everything you do, I’m going to beat a record, right?

STOP drifting! Did you really think I was going to reveal 1000 tips to make everything you do successful? Much better than that, I’ll give you ONE tip that’s worth a THOUSAND. But first of all, let’s think it over!
Learn more to procrastinate more. You see what I mean ? For months, I have set myself the goal of writing a book that would be the continuation of my LudoSLN.net blog. To achieve this goal, every day I read articles, I watch tutorials, videos …

How to write a book in 30 days?
7 steps to follow to be published
The 4 ingredients to write a headline that hits the mark.

Want To Run A Marathon?

If I’m doing the math, I must have spent hundreds of hours learning how to write a book. But now, rather than taking action, I continue my learning according to the content published. I learn but I don’t take action. I tell myself that there is always something to learn and therefore I am not ready to act. I procrastinate.

What must be an opportunity turns out to be too much of a drag that we are not even aware of. We spend whole days learning anything and everything to become the perfect expert. We are therefore convinced that we are making progress. After each article read, after each video we watch, we feel a little more ready to achieve our goals, but this feeling is only temporary. It will end with the next published content and will forever leave room for doubts.


Every minute, 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube, 1,440 blog posts are posted to WordPress, and 3.3 million posts are delivered to Facebook. We are inundated with content. The truth is, we hide behind learning, which is a noble value, to do everything but take action. But now, knowledge is nothing until it is put into practice.

Learning feeds procrastination. Let’s stop learning from the successes and failures of others, and let’s no longer hide behind the lack of knowledge which only translates into a vulgar fear of failure and of not achieving perfection.

Let’s not forget that the stories and testimonials that we find on the Internet or in any media are only Storytelling. These lines as much as the others.

A child does not watch a tutorial to learn to walk. He gets up, tries, falls, gets up. Although he applies himself to reproducing what he sees around him, he builds his own experience and this is what leads him to success.

Do You Want To Cook Like A Chef?

What if these words were the first in my book? I clearly don’t know where this will take me. At this time, I have not defined a specific theme for my book, I am not even convinced that it will see the light of day. Even though I devoured hundreds of content, up against the wall, I am no further ahead than 1 year ago. But it’s time for us to take action, right? What if, starting today, we made every day to achieve a step, however small, that will allow us to reach our goals?

Do you want to run a marathon? Put on your sneakers and go for a run.
Want to cook like a chef? Put on the apron.
Do you want to start your own business? Test your idea.
Want to write a book? Write it down!

Let’s start small but act!
To strengthen my commitment, I will be launching a series on my YouTube channel where I will regularly post videos so that you can, if you feel like it, follow this adventure. With this series, I want to get involved to be sure to move forward. I don’t remember where I read this among all the content I consume but the best way to cross a wall is to throw your backpack on the other side. If you follow me, I should somehow be accountable to you! Today this channel is almost empty, I don’t even know yet what I’m going to put in it but one thing is for sure, don’t subscribe to learn, subscribe so that we take action, together . Please let me know your goals in the comments. If you have any remarks or tips to help me move forward in my project, also leave your comment, I will be very grateful to you!

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