The name says it all, in Listening To The Future Jarno Duursma and his guests give a glimpse into the future. And specifically through the lens of digital technology, with an optimistic but also critical view. What developments are there? Topics such as deepfakes, the metaverse and artificial intelligence are discussed. 11. Daily Business Boost Are you an entrepreneur and could you use some motivation or inspiration? In this daily podcast (or actually live show on LinkedIn) Aramik Garabidian takes you into the entrepreneurial world.

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In the show, he shares tips in the field of online marketing, social media and networking, to help your business grow every day. With almost 400 (!) episodes, there is more Bahrain Phone Number enough listening material to choose from. 12. The RetailTrends Podcast It’s not a difficult mystery what this podcast is about. In the episodes, well-known retailers of brands such as Wehkamp, ​​HEMA and fonQ are questioned about highlights, blunders and obstacles from their career. For example, CTO Anneke Keller explains how they use data and A/B testing at Wehkamp to approach customers in a more personal way.

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For example with size recommendations and further personalization of the website. 13. The Less Work Podcast As enjoyable as your work is, for many people ‘working less’ probably sounds like music to their ears. This podcast by work-life platform Intermediair answers questions that people struggle with in their career. Such as ‘How do we maintain the freedom of working from home?’ and ‘How can you work smarter, so that you have more time for fun things?’

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