Writing great content takes time and patience. Creating a successful blog is not easy, attracting customers with it even less. To find Brazil WhatsApp Number List are 4 performance indicators to follow!

As the saying goes, numbers never lie! No doubt you have already heard this remark a few times from your employer or one of your clients.

Have you started your blog but you’re not sure you’re on the right track? The numbers will tell you. To do this, I offer you my 4 key performance indicators to monitor regularly.

First and foremost, it’s important to reframe how content marketing works. I’m probably going a bit far in saying this, but it’s important that you understand that the relevance of your blog and your articles is not directly measured by revenue.

This is the most common mistake in business. Companies understood that content was the key to an effective communication strategy and that the blog was the lever to activate. However, they are too impatient and expect to instantly benefit from an increase in their turnover …

In the worst case, after a few weeks, these revenue-obsessed companies stop everything to focus on more responsive actions. I can no longer count the occasions where I heard during my missions: “Your content marketing is good, it works for others but not for us!” “.

For businesses that still want to persevere, they insist on creating blog posts with their eyes riveted on their revenue. There is no chance that these businesses will step up and really benefit from their blogging and content marketing.

“Measuring the relevance of your content marketing solely through the turnover it generates is like looking for a needle in a haystack… With your eyes closed! ”
Indeed, to improve your content marketing strategy, you must follow specific indicators whose progress will undoubtedly allow you to attract new customers and finally develop your turnover. Which ? Here are the 4 indicators to follow to measure the relevance of your content marketing!

Turnover Is Not A Key Indicator!

4 essential indicators to measure the relevance of your Content Marketing
The bounce rate. We start with the most important: the bounce rate.

The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who only viewed one page of your website. Clearly, these visitors arrive on your site, read the page or not and leave.For Google, the bounce rate is a guarantee of quality. Google also favors sites with a low bounce rate in the ranking of its search results.

Your objective will therefore be to check that your bounce rate is tending more and more towards 0. In my experience, a good bounce rate is between 40 and 50%.

The bounce rate is important for you since it allows you to concretely check whether your visitors are more or less easily converted into prospects / customers. Did you seduce them? Are they interested in your products and services? The user expected to find something other than what you offer on the page he is visiting;


Your content has not caught his attention;
You don’t encourage them to take action (via a button like the one below!)
The number of comments
Comments on a blog post live up to its quality. If your blog post is relevant, engaging, people will want to interact with you.

Finally, by writing a comment, your visitor takes the first step towards you: his comment represents the start of a relationship and it is up to you to ensure that it continues and evolves into a customer relationship.

To encourage people to leave comments on your blog, ask them! On the internet, it has been proven that asking internet users directly what is expected of them increases the likelihood of them taking action.

By the way, don’t leave comments unanswered! If you want people to communicate with you, it is essential that you show them that their comments are taken into account and that they are important to you.To go further, I suggest this post presenting you How to integrate comments into your communication strategy

integrate comments into your inbound marketing strategy. The number of shares on social networks
According to a very comprehensive study, 42% of Internet users share content that will appeal to their friends and 32% of Facebook users share content to develop their personal brand image.

If Your Bounce Rate Is Too High, It Can Mean 3 Things

Not only does the number of shares on social networks allow you to measure the relevance of your content marketing, it also contributes to increasing your visibility on the internet.

The more your content, the more your blog posts are shared on social networks, the more likely they will be seen by your target. Social networks are an excellent lever for attracting new customers.To encourage Internet users to share your content on social networks, you can already integrate sharing icons on your blog.

share blog posts on social media

Also, don’t hesitate to put a share counter like the one above. We don’t like to be the first to do something, that’s natural. So if the user notices that other people have already shared your content before him, he will be more inclined to do so!

The conversion rate
What could be more meaningful than the conversion rate? The conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who took the action you wanted them to take.

Let’s take an example: you write blog articles with the aim of increasing the number of subscribers to your newsletter. You get it right and incorporate call-to-action buttons to entice visitors to sign up for your newsletter. Your conversion rate here will be the number of subscribers to your newsletter divided by the number of visitors.Hence the importance of defining your objectives very precisely before embarking on content marketing actions.

Very often, my clients tell me that their goal is to increase their turnover. What I answer systematically, you will understand: “It is very good but it is not a precise objective, it is the finality”.

To develop your turnover thanks to your blog, it must allow you to generate contact requests or requests for quotes. Thus, increasing the number of quotes by 25% could be an interesting objective.The higher your conversion rate, the more likely you will be to attract new customers, it’s math.

Analyze to progress
By following these 4 indicators and relating them, you will be able to make any changes to improve your content marketing strategy and the effectiveness of your blog.

To grow your business with a blog, attract new customers, and increase your visibility, it’s important to show consistency and patience. Don’t focus on sales from the first few weeks, that’s the best way to fail!

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