The past few days have been very busy for the SLN Web Agency: new clients, new partnerships and the opening of a new web agency in Bordeaux. The Malta Phone Number List and it is thanks to you: THANK YOU.
In 2013, I launched the blog with the sole ambition of sharing my knowledge in web marketing and digital communication with you. The first few weeks, I felt very lonely but you quickly responded to the appointment.

At the end of 3 months, you were close to 500 to visit each month on the blog. 1 month later, I received my first request for a quote and it was from there that I created the SLN Web agency.

At that time, SLN Web was an activity that I carried out in parallel with a position of Digital Marketing Manager. But over the months, more and more of you were visiting the blog to hit the 10,000 monthly mark. Your requests for quotes are always more numerous, I was able to calmly launch SLN Web full time in January 2016.

18 months later, the SLN Web agency accelerates its development: Today, SLN Web has 39 regular customers and more than 15,000 monthly visitors to the blog!

Create your blog and your website

Announcement # 1: SLN Web welcomes Sébastien and opens a new agency in Bordeaux
Sébastien, I have known him for over 10 years. We were in college together and have always kept in touch. However, we have had different professional backgrounds.

You know, I have a marketing profile. Sébastien has a commercial profile. Even though we have had different trajectories, we have always noticed the same problems in companies:

VSEs / SMEs do not have the internal skills to manage their Digital Marketing actions themselves.
They do not have enough resources to qualify and convert the leads acquired by Digital Marketing.
They cannot afford to hire full-time resources.
From then on, the idea of ​​joining forces in order to offer you comprehensive support came naturally. This is why Sébastien joined SLN Web.

Together, we now offer you not only to set up Digital Marketing actions but also to support you in the conversion of the leads obtained.

SLN Web – Digital Web Marketing Agency
To complete this good news, Sébastien being based in Bordeaux, he allows us to open a new Agency in this magnificent city


Announcement # 2: SLN Web becomes a Hubspot Partner!
This is the second announcement that we wanted to make to you: after the arrival of Sébastien and the opening of the SLN Web Bordeaux Agency, here we are also the Hubspot Partner Agency!

What is Hubspot?
Hubspot is one of the pioneering companies in the field of Inbound Marketing . Hubspot is a key player in Marketing Automation whose software is acclaimed by all experts.

Concretely, the Hubspot tool is designed to allow you to attract as much traffic as possible to your website and convert your visitors into prospects, then into customers. With Hubspot, you can:

Write and optimize your web content

Manage your social networks;
Create Landing Pages
Why become a Hubspot Partner?
Hubspot is the ideal tool to allow us to offer you the global support we were talking about previously.

With Hubspot, we can allow you to acquire as much traffic as possible on your website. We can help you generate qualified leads but also convert them into customers!

In addition, Hubspot will allow us to develop our fields of expertise through personalized support. Hubspot also provides us with a sales engineer, an Inbound Marketing project manager and his technical department.

Want to know more about Hubspot and Inbound Marketing? Contact us now!

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