Changing buyers’ behavior and expectations require Marketing and Sales to collaborate in generating leads and converting them into customers. Unfortunately, the Palestinian Territories Email List and it is important to precisely define their respective commitments. What is SLA? The SLA is a Service Level Agreement. Concretely, the SLA is a document that presents in black and white the commitments of the Marketing. And Sales departments, one towards the other. Why write an SLA? The companies we meet are aware of this. To unite a team, it is important to communicate precise objectives. Yet, did you know that only 7% of employees? On average know exactly what they need to do to participate in achieving business goals?

The Service Level Agreement is the best way to remedy this: by officially defining the actions. That the Marketing and Sales departments must put in place to achieve the company’s objectives. You encourage their collaboration. Aligning Marketing and Sales is not a necessity. It is an obligation! The modern B2B buyer uses the Internet and social networks. To carry out the majority of their purchasing thinking on their own. As much as possible, the buyer prefers to avoid coming into contact with a salesperson. In this situation. It is essential that Marketing makes every effort to attract the attention of the buyer and generate. Qualified and mature leads which will then be converted by Sales.

Importance Of Marketing And Sales

While these 2 services have always been opposed, Marketing and Sales must now work hand in hand. The SLA then becomes essential. The starting point of the SLA: clear objectives Before defining the commitments of the Marketing and Sales departments, it is important to determine very precisely the objectives of the company. Concretely, the goal here is to define an objective of income necessary for the application of the vision of the company and to translate them into commercial and Marketing objectives. To go further here, I suggest you consult our methodology to work effectively on your objectives. The SLA: the commitments of the Marketing department The buyer has become more demanding and expects the salesperson to offer them.


an ultra-personalized and contextualized experience. To do this, the salesperson must allocate as much time as possible to processing the hottest leads. Marketing must therefore intervene in support of Sales by generating a sufficient volume of leads to allow Sales to sign the number of customers necessary to achieve the revenue objective seen above. This is the main commitment of the Marketing Department to be defined in the SLA: how many leads must Marketing to Sales bring each month? But that’s not all: for Sales to convert these leads, they must be qualified and mature enough. The SLA must therefore present in detail the characteristics that a leader must fulfill to be validated by the sales department.

It Will Also Strengthen The Relationship

Finally, the SLA should clearly define how often the Marketing department should generate these leads. You will understand why in the part “engagements of the commercial service”. The SLA: the commitments of the sales department It is estimated that a lead contacted within 5 minutes of one of their actions on your website or in relation to one of your communications is 1000 times more likely to be converted than a lead contacted. within 24 hours. Not 1000%, 1000 times luckier, you read that right! In this situation, it is important that Sales engage with contacting the leads forwarded by the Marketing department as quickly as possible. This is the commitment of the sales department to be defined in the SLA.

Within what maximum period of time, a leader must be contacted by Sales after transmission by Marketing? You now understand why the pace of lead generation by the Marketing department must also be defined in the Service Level Agreement. The SLA, a living document Whenever we start a collaboration with a new customer, we start by writing an SLA. This document allows us to start on a safe basis but, to remain relevant, the SLA must be regularly updated to keep pace with changes in the market and the expectations of the buyer. For this, it is important to schedule regular meetings between Marketing and Sales to take stock and discuss areas for improvement: we speak of ” Smarketing Meeting.

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