Inbound Marketing is a strategy that has the wind in its sails but it cannot be improvised. To do the successful Falkland Islands and Malvinas Email List fundamentals. Here are the mistakes I come across most often that prevent you from succeeding with your Inbound Marketing strategy. Your personas are the foundation of your Inbound Marketing strategy. Inbound Marketing, let’s remember, is a strategy that consists of offering your target high added value content that meets their expectations, their issues, and the questions they ask themselves throughout the purchasing journey. Knowing your target inside out is essential to do this successfully. To effectively work on your personas, I have written here a 4-step methodology that we use for ourselves and our clients!

You do not understand the buying journey of your target. Inbound Marketing consists of attracting the attention of the buyer and nourishing their purchase thinking. Concretely, depending on its context and its level of maturity, you send the buyer content corresponding to the questions he is likely to ask. The idea here is to make the buyer’s decision-making easier. Buyer journey: the length of the sales cycle – Inbound Marketing. For your Inbound Marketing strategy to be successful, it is important to know the behavior of your target during the different stages of the purchase journey and to cover it with your content. Very often, I meet companies that only write so-called Decision phase content.

You Did Not Work Well On Your Personas

It cannot work, especially if you are an innovative company since the market is by definition not very mature. Do you want to take stock of your strategy? Take advantage of a Free Inbound Marketing Audit! Your Marketing and Sales departments do not collaborate. Inbound Marketing is a simple strategy on paper: Marketing generates qualified leads, matures them, and then passes them on to salespeople who convert. Unfortunately, the reality on the ground is often different. It is essential that Marketing and Sales collaborate in order to work on a joint definition of the ideal prospect (our famous personas) and the characteristics of a mature prospect. This is a prerequisite for marketing to generate quality leads and for salespeople to convert them.


It is also essential that Marketing and Sales have complementary objectives to move in the same direction. Here, I offer you some concrete actions to align marketing and sales during the day. The promise of inbound marketing is enticing: attracting customers rather than chasing them. However, this promise may suggest that this is all done by magic or, at the very least, with less effort than as part of a traditional marketing and sales prospecting strategy. It’s wrong. Rather, inbound marketing allows you to allocate your efforts to more efficient tasks. As proof, in order to do Inbound Marketing successfully, it is essential to write a minimum of 2 blog articles per week and per persona.

You Don’t Write Enough Content

Your content is not well referenced on Google. Writing content is great but if it isn’t SEO optimized nobody will see it. 61% of B2B buyers start the buying journey with a Google search . If your inbound marketing strategy isn’t getting you enough visitors or your leads aren’t qualified enough, there’s a good chance your SEO strategy isn’t going to be good. You are probably not using the right keywords entered by your target during their purchase thinking . You don’t promote your content. SEO represents on average 50% of visits to a B2B website. In other words, it is not enough to rank your content well to be successful inbound marketing. It is important to activate all the channels available to you.

And used by your target to directly or indirectly lead their buying thinking. I am naturally thinking here of social networks and email. You are not using the right tools. Very often I meet B2B companies that have a good Inbound Marketing strategy but fail to achieve their goals because they are not using the right tools. Or rather, they are multiplying the tools: between social networks, the tool to administer their website, the emailing tool and whatnot, these companies are also multiplying the holes in the rack . It’s hard to measure the ROI of your Inbound Marketing strategy when you don’t really know how many leads you are generating each month. To succeed in your Inbound Marketing strategy.

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