For the tech twist. Mathematics checks as one of the design trends. Math diamond as ‘forgotten gridlines’ at Gucci , Team Liquid and Fila ; and as a decorative element at DEGIRO , Hoofdvaart College and Erasmus+ . 9. F*ck-you fluor Across the board we see peace, regularity and longing for the past. But in design aimed at younger target groups, we see something completely different: brutal design reigns supreme here. It’s only really hip with fluorine and jerky animations. Do we see a middle finger here to the distress of restrictive corona measures?

I Don’t Trust You The Unspoken

The online experience of a riot? Fluorine as one of the design trends. Fluorescent curses at  Gucci , Lowlands , Low Five Brewing , Catapultismo and NPO Kennis . 10. Identical Homepages Suddenly we. More and more homepages look exactly the same: on the left title, text and button, on the Peru Phone Number something with a smiling person. Default layout and default font. It seems that the exact same template has always been fished out of the library. yawn. This is a trend that we would prefer to leave behind in 2021. As an example: the similar homepages of asr , Zorg en Zekerheid , Nivea and IJsselland Hospital.

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Secrets Your Visitors Aren’t

Video player 00:00 00:01 Design in 2022 Given the general preference for peace, space and regularity, everything will be fine in the new year. We keep it minimalist, adapt to all screens and warm ourselves to the past. Sensible people don’t go crazy. And young people go their own way. Exactly as it should be. If we guard against too much dullness. It will be another good year. Synthetic media are media manipulated or by artificial intelligence. Also fall this. You have probably already seen some examples. It is almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

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