Hongbaos for wechat features an example of hongbao posting. You can select a random or identical amount to be allocat to those who open the package. Micro stores – businesses with service accounts can now open ‘m-stores’ within wechat itself. Users can browse stores on wechat with incredible ease of payment. With their account linked to their banking. They just Uganda Phone Number input their password and make payment within seconds. Brands can now start developing these customized micro stores. It is like hosting your own website within the established infrastructure wechat provides. Micro stores for wechat features the micro store for ‘croisi europe’ with links for payment via wechat’s e-wallet. 

Wechat content your content on wechat needs to be developed for wechat users. Incentives to follow your account should always include friends and family. If users share it their immediate social circle can also benefit. The chinese greatly trust the views and Uganda Phone Number opinions of their close social circle and you are able to attract whole groups in this way. In terms of adapting your digital marketing strategy you need to research your target audience. Which wechat groups are they already active in? You need to be present here and connect with users in order to facilitate group conversations. Creating your own group (of up to  people) is a way to start sharing your own content and promotional offers. 

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It is a cliché but it is true that the chinese are still very fond of cartoon animation and more intense color palettes. It depends on your brand and how you seek to market yourself. As opting for more subtle and neutral imagery can help you stand out from Uganda phone number the more traditional chinese approach. All content needs to be adapted into simplified mandarin chinese however with the adoption also of more colloquial language on wechat. It is ‘conversational’ marketing to a certain degree. Qr code marketing qr code marketing for wechat features image source: west gate the wide scale phenomenon of the qr code is quite unique to china. Wechat has built itself around the effective utilization of the qr code. 

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Users scan each others codes to add one another but also to link to official. Subscription accounts. There is a significant opportunity for offline to online Uganda Phone Number marketing here with physical products featuring qr codes. In china the qr code is now part of the physical environment in cosmopolitan cities like beijing. Shanghai and guangzhou. Well placed qr codes drive traffic but also allow for cross promotion on different social media outlets and forums. 

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Therefore, Weibo (akin to twitter) is the second largest social network and often features images as posts embedded with qr codes linking to wechat accounts. China is a wholly digital marketing territory. Offline activities are primarily concerned with bringing Uganda Phone Number consumer leads online. Kols (key opinion leaders) wechat is the main site for the key opinion leader. The chinese on social media are strongly influenced by these ‘influencers’ who have already established significant online followings around them. For branding this is particularly effective when they share content or links to your official accounts and praise the quality of your product or service.

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