Your biggest investment in Marketing is focus on establishing your global. Regional and local position; integrating into local markets with advertising campaigns and specific communication actions that seek impact and viralization. Giving the platform’s content the leading role. They are very active in Philippines Phone Number List Social Networks . They have a tone close to the user. Which allows them to establish a link with it. A great ally in their content strategy is humor. Which allows them to connect where communication is close and personalized. Spotify case Spotify case The Swedish music distribution company founded in 2006. Offers a unique experience to its users. It is currently the most used music application worldwide. Currently has

More than 140 million active users in the world and more than 70 million subscribed customers. In 2020 they began their listings on the Stock Exchange with their shares with a Philippines Phone Number List value 25% higher than expected. The streaming music leader opened its shares at US$165.2. Its main Value Proposal is given that it has the ability to offer each user a unique and completely personalized proposal. Based on their behavior. Being able to recommend new music and artists. You also have the possibility of creating playlists at will.

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Using this last resource for your Business Marketing strategy . Since with the information collected from searches and creations. You are aware of the behavior of your users and thus create content with viral potential. . Something important to emphasize in this company is that much of its success Philippines phone number comes from concentrating on a single market: Music. While other platforms offer a large number of things. Spotify concentrates its strategy on a single item. Which gives it a specific product character and shows it as the

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Best in music. In its case; and in turn allows you to be easily remembered by customers. Since you sell a single product. One of the most striking values ​​in terms of Business Marketing . With which they count when it comes to attracting new customers. Is that Spotify gives free and total access to your entire platform. Philippines Phone Number List Knowing how easy it is for the user to get used to all that musical availability. It’s very easy to convince him to subscribe to enjoy the full service. Which brings us to another of its proposals and it is the period of free use or with full service offers. Which allows the user to test the benefits offered by the subscription (such as not having advertising. Better quality. Skipping songs. Among others).

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Guaranteeing the Loyalty of the Client who has already made his purchase. Crown Case Crown Case Being one of the three most valuable brands in Latin America. The Mexican company Modelo produces this beer. Which ranks as the best-selling in the world in 50 markets and is exported to a total of 180 countries . Corona is a brand of beer. Which managed to take over the whole world. Having a highly identifiable presentation Philippines Phone Number List and offering a product of the highest quality and proudly produced in its country of origin. Even though in 2013 it was acquired by Anheuser-Busch inbev. The world’s leading brewer for 20.1 billion dollars . The main Marketing strategy for Companies is to link the product with the experience of consuming it.

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