For example, search for ‘address’ (because usually someone asks: ‘what is your address?’). And of course this also works with other data. You can search in all chats at once, as well as in a specific conversation. The search function in WhatsApp. 9. Respond privately in a group app Are you in a group conversation and would you like to respond privately to a message? Then you can press and hold the message and then choose ‘Reply private’ via ‘More…’.

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That way, the person in your private conversation will receive a message with reference to the message in the group conversation. 10. The auto-delete option Sri-Lanka Phone Number has recently introduced a new privacy feature: the automatic deletion of chats. You can now set messages to be automatically deleted after 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days. I don’t think I would ever use this function myself, but who knows, you might find it useful!

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Screenshot of the auto-delete function on WhatsApp Source: SocialMediaToday . 11. You can app with yourself And last but not least : you can app with yourself! I received this tip via LinkedIn, from Miro Peters. He is also very enthusiastic about this tip, as he writes in his blog . You start a group conversation or pick up an outdated group conversation in which there is no longer talking. Then you remove all participants, except yourself.

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