Your idea is new, it goes off the beaten track? We can not say that you enjoyed an exceptional notoriety? You will Paraguay WhatsApp Number List strategy. First of all, you must determine who are the influencers in your field: bloggers of course, but also influential members on the social networks frequented by your target. Journalists are also to be considered as influencers.

Once you have listed these influencers, you will have to send them a complete press kit presenting your idea and your approach. Why are you organizing a crowdfunding campaign? What does your idea bring? Why are you calling on the person you are asking for?

The press kit must be personalized enough for the influencer to be interested in it. I’m not the biggest influencer and yet, not a day goes by that I don’t receive requests for prominence of some kind. So imagine the most influential?

Also suggest to influencers to preview your product, it’s always a plus and they are generally fond of it. The advantage of this approach is to promote your crowdfunding campaign by people benefiting from a significant audience.

To succeed in your crowdfunding campaign, it is essential to place the target Internet user at the center of his strategy. You must integrate it into your campaign, into your project. He must feel part of it. Remember, we are talking about crowdfunding!

For this, you must stay tuned to your target. It is important to set up a watch allowing you to analyze everything that is said around your crowdfunding campaign and therefore your idea. Not only will this help you succeed in your crowdfunding campaign, but it will also allow you to learn more about your idea and why not improve it! Why not create a hashtag that will make it easy for you to follow discussions on social media?

A Strategy Of Influence Create A Community

It is not enough to listen to your target, you have to understand them and respond to them. You must establish a lasting relationship with your target. Your story does not end with the crowdfunding operation. Behind, you will have to sell your idea and do everything to make your project sustainable. And it starts now! Your crowdfunding campaign is the first opportunity to confront you with customers.

Forecast costs
This may seem paradoxical at first glance. And yet. A crowdfunding campaign requires a minimum of financial investment. Before creating your campaign, you will have to set up a financing plan listing all the costs that it will generate: communication costs, counterparts, logistics costs … In addition, generally, crowdfunding platforms take a commission on your donations. It is also to be integrated into your financing plan.


How to create your Crowdfunding campaign
How to write your Crowdfunding ad
A crowdfunding campaign is: a project, an objective, a description and rewards

Now that your strategy has been thought through to the smallest detail, you can move on to creating your crowdfunding campaign. There are 2 key points for this:

The description
Creating your crowdfunding campaign starts with a description of your idea and your project. This must convey the full potential of your idea in order to arouse the enthusiasm and interest of Internet users.

Inform and explain
The description should inform the potential contributor of what will happen next. What will become of his donation? Why do you need his contribution? What will happen to the funds once they are raised? Your description should clearly explain how the donations will be used. They can help launch production, improve product quality, launch a communication campaign, etc.

Forge Links With Internet Users

This is a crucial point, if the Internet user does not understand your project, he will not give you a kopek! The Internet user must also be convinced that your project holds water and that it has every chance of success.

The rewards
The vast majority of crowdfunding platforms are based on a rewards system: depending on the amount of their donation, the contributor is rewarded. Of course, the bigger the donation, the better the reward.

The interest here is to show originality in order to engage the contributor. Usually, each award comes with a personalized thank you note, handwritten or not.

Here too, it is important to know your target well in order to offer them the rewards to which they will be sensitive. A preview sample will often be greatly appreciated, as will a copy of your product personalized with the name of the generous donor. A visit to the premises is also a very common donation.

In conclusion,
A crowdfunding campaign requires considerable preparation work. It is not enough to create an account on KissKissBankBank or Kickstarter to be certain of obtaining the desired sum. It is necessary to put in place a strategy that will first guarantee you a minimum of visibility to your campaign. You will also have to distribute content with high added value in order to convince your target to get their hands on the portfolio.

In recent months, we have noticed that crowdfunding is no longer only used to materialize an idea but also to perpetuate a project or even save a business. This is for example the case of Nice Matin which recently launched a campaign on Ulule to save its skin.

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