It attracts Internet users, retains them, converts them into customers and keeps them loyal. Content is the central element of a Poland WhatsApp Number List strategy. So much so that today it is a full-fledged strategy: we talk about content marketing. As with any strategy, that of content marketing must be thought out, complete and precise. To help you out, I have provided a periodic table of content marketing that lists all the essentials for building a good strategy.

I’ve been writing content marketing articles here for a few months now. My objective ? Popularize Content Marketing as much as possible so that it is understood and used by everyone.

Content is today the central element of a good marketing strategy. However, in the course of my publications and my discussions on the subject, I realize that content marketing is a vast field and that it is not easy to remember all its facets.

Between the type of content, the format, the platforms on which to distribute it, the objectives, the type of message to convey or the performance indicators, it is difficult to keep in mind all the elements of content marketing.

And then there was Chris Lake , content director for the London blog Econsultancy . He had the good idea to adapt Mendeleev’s periodic table for content marketing.

After talking with him, however, we realized that his table, in English of course, was not completely adapted to the French content market. And that’s where I come in with this adaptation.

The objective of this periodic table is to identify all the elements to take into account in the development and implementation of its content marketing strategy.

How To Use The Periodic Table Of Contents

If you click on the image, you will access the document in original size. Of course, you can take it back, reuse it on your blog or elsewhere. However, I would ask you to cite your source and, if applicable, to insert a link to this article. You will find that we have classified these elements into 8 categories:

The strategy
Strategy is the key to success. Content marketing isn’t all about writing articles. It is essential to define a strategy in line with its objectives and target. It must be complete and precise. Why invest in content marketing? Who are your targets? What are they waiting for? What are they looking for?

The formats
Content can take different forms. It’s not just a blog post . It is important to understand that the same content can take different forms. For example, this periodic table: it is above all an image, I am now making an article about it. How about a Slideshare video or presentation?


The type of content depends directly on your objective and the nature of the message you want to convey. Inform, learn, cultivate and entertain: your content has one of these vocations. A tutorial is used for example to learn, statistics to inform.

These are the platforms on which you will distribute your content. The idea is to select the platforms which correspond to your content and which are frequented by your targets. For example, I could distribute the periodic table content on my blog, social networks Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and professional social networks LinkedIn and Viadeo.

Who says strategy says objectives. Who says objective says follow-up! To monitor the relevance of your actions and your strategy, it is important to determine monitoring indicators (KPIs) to monitor your return on investment (ROI) and the progress of your objectives.

Types Of Content

Content marketing should allow you to achieve your primary objectives, specific to your entity: develop your turnover, create and develop your brand image, gain new market share, etc. Content marketing is an additional means achieve your goals , just like traditional communication or business development.

Emotions / feelings
To be effective, content must convey an emotion, a feeling. These should be determined based on the nature of your message and its calling (learning, informing, cultivating or entertaining).

The checklist
Before you publish your content, you need to make sure of its quality. To do this, use the 13 elements of the checklist.

In conclusion,
The purpose of this periodic table for content marketing is to bring it all together in one document. As with everything, the list is not exhaustive and it is quite possible that you will not find an element of your strategy. I suggest that you intervene in comments!

Shall we continue the debate in comments?… In conclusion: analyze the performance of your corporate blog
Starting a business blog without tracking the impact will not be of any benefit to you in the long run.

You must determine indicators allowing you to follow the progress of your objectives, even before the creation of the blog. We speak of KPI (for Key Performance Indicator). To monitor the performance of your corporate blog, you have various indicators at your disposal:

Visits: the number of visits, news, feedback, unique visitors.
The bounce rate and the number of pages per visit
Newsletter subscribers
Sharing on social networks
External links
The positioning of your corporate blog …
To help you in this process and in the creation of your content, you can consult our guide to inbound marketing!

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