Not digital marketing professionals anyway! To communicate well on the internet and social networks, it is important to respect Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List in terms of the length of content! What is the ideal length for each piece of content? Follow the leader !

This was a question I kept asking myself when I started the blog and started communicating on social media: How many words or characters does a post need to generate maximum return? A Facebook post? Tweet?

Over the years, by regularly analyzing the statistics of my digital communication actions, I have been able to precisely define the ideal size for each of my content. Then a few days ago I came across this infographic published by SumAll and Buffer which presents the ideal length for each of the web content. Suddenly, I told myself that I was going to save you some time by sharing it with you!

A Tweet must be between 70 and 100 characters long: Tweets of less than 100 characters generate a 17% higher engagement rate.
Facebook post must be 40 characters long: Facebook posts of 40 characters generate an 86% higher engagement rate.
A post on Google Plus should be 60 characters long: ideally publish a sentence summarizing the content shared.
A post on LinkedIn should be around 25 words long: between 16 and 25 words in B2B, between 21 and 25 words in B2C.

The domain name of your website must be 8 characters long: it must be short and easy to remember.
A blog article should ideally contain 1600 words: to be well referenced, a page should be at least 300 words long.
The title of your blog posts should be 6 words and 55 characters long.

Be Well On Social Networks

A paragraph should not contain between 40 and 55 characters per line: for better reading, limit your paragraphs to 3 lines.
Duration also counts for your content
A YouTube video should ideally last 3 minutes: this is the average length of the 50 most viewed videos on YouTube.
A podcast should be 22 minutes long: after 20 minutes, listeners’ attention wanes.
A Ted Talk ideally lasts 18 minutes: it is an obligation to respect for the speakers.
A Slideshare must not exceed a reading time of 6 minutes: which represents approximately 61 slides.
The optimal length according to the content: the infographic.


The notoriety and visibility of your company directly influence your turnover. Today, no one knows you and you want to communicate on the internet to promote your business? OK, but where do you start? Here is the complete guide to promoting your business on the internet.
In 2013, when I started the SLN Web agency, my biggest fear was not having clients. And for good reason, I didn’t know anyone and no one knew me.

So I said to myself that I was going to give myself body and soul to prospecting. I worked, worked and worked. Unfortunately, the results did not live up to my expectations. Why ? Because no one knew me!

As you know, the success of your business does not depend solely on the quality of your services and your volume of work: it depends on your network.

Suddenly, I reviewed my marketing and sales strategy. I launched a series of actions aimed at promoting my business and positioning myself as an expert in digital marketing.

Yesterday, one of my new clients told me that if he had agreed to trust me and entrust me with the management of his social networks, it was because I was known.

Who Says Size Doesn’t Matter!

So I raised my head from the handlebars to take stock of the evolution of my notoriety and my visibility on the internet. promote your business on the internet and social networks
The results are significant: 6 years after the agency’s launch, the blog generates more than 27,000 visits each month, I receive requests for quotes from my website on a daily basis and I am regularly cited in the top influencers around marketing. digital.

I reassure you right away, I did not take the melon! These performance indicators simply allow me to confirm that I am visible and recognized as an expert in my field of activity. So I now have all the keys in hand to develop my business.

Today, through this article, I would like to share with you my complete method for promoting your business on the internet. A method that works, which for me has proven itself.

Be careful, I am not going to give you a miracle recipe that will allow you to promote your business on the Internet in 48 hours. You will need to show consistency, good will and patience. And this for months. You are ready ?

In a hurry to read more? Download this Free Guide in PDF format to promote your business on the Internet:
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How to promote your business on the internet: where to start?
Today, your consumers have taken the plunge to look for information on the Internet themselves to make their purchasing decision. For this, they mainly use Google and social networks.

Forums, the primary source of information for consumers
To market your business on the Internet and attract new customers, you must therefore do everything to be visible on these channels.

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