The blockchain ledger permanently, so there can Brazil Phone Number never be any question about who was the original artist. How Can Digital Marketing Agencies Use NFTs? It’s still too early to determine how the NFT marketplace will impact marketing agencies — or any business for that matter. However, early adopters and innovators are determined to make it work and make it profitable.

With That Said, Here Are a Few Ways That Marketing Agencies

can remain ahead of the curve and begin using NFTs to Brazil Phone Number better serve their clients: Digital Contracts The best way to describe an NFT is as a digital file that represents ownership of a real-life object or asset. As such, it makes sense that one of the best ways for a digital agency to utilize an NFT is through agency agreements or contracts. Using an NFT as the contract marker creates a digital asset that ties the contract to the creator.

Not Only Does This Make Digital Contracts More Official, but It Shows

Brazil Phone Number

that the agency is at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. Retainer Tokens or Licenses For agencies that work on retainer models, NFT can act as Brazil Phone Number a license to do business with you. Much like an NFL stadium and seating licenses function. A client can purchase the right to work with you in the form of an NFT. The client still needs to pay for monthly services, but they will forever own that right and can even sell that license in the form of a referral. Even better, the sale of that retainer license can net you a royalty. The bigger your brand, the more that retainer NFT is worth.

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