Do you want to gain more customers with B2B emailing? Download our Guide and Follow our 5-Step Methodology! 5 steps to create effective B2B email marketing. My opinion on the purchase of basic emails. In this Guam Email Lists a database. However, with complete transparency, our clients sometimes invest and obtain good results. The reason is that they are using the right approach. If you decide to buy a database, to generate a return on investment, you will have to process it with the first sequence of emails allowing you to validate that the contact is up to date AND ESPECIALLY that he is active in his purchase reflection.

Why would you waste time calling someone who has no need? This is all the more important since interrupting a prospect who is not mature in their buying thinking will degrade your brand image and make you lose a future opportunity to sell. Just because a prospect doesn’t have a need today or isn’t mature enough in their thinking to make a decision, doesn’t mean you won’t be able to sign them tomorrow. You will have to feed his purchase thinking. This is how you will get the most out of the purchase of your e-mail database. For that, I recommend that you consult this. One of the major advantages of Inbound Marketing is the possibility of measuring.

Invest In A Marketing Automation Tool

The performance of your actions in real-time. So take care to regularly analyze the impact of your actions in order to define what works and what does not work and to optimize your Inbound Marketing strategy over time. We’re not going to lie to each other: an effective Inbound Marketing strategy requires a lot of work. There, you may be wondering how you are going to be able to do all this with the little time you have? I highly recommend that you invest in a Marketing Automation tool in order to save time by automating low-value tasks to allocate to your Inbound Marketing strategy. Marketing Automation also allows you to automatically measure the level of qualification.


And the maturity of your leads, to send automatic emails based on their behavior or to send the hottest leads to salespeople at the best time. Do you want to switch to Inbound Marketing? Download our guide to do it successfully in 120 days! 71% of B2B companies use email to generate leads. A large majority of them buy databases that they bombard with e-mails in the hope that, in the mass, they gain customers. That’s a very bad idea! I meet quite a few companies that think e-mailing is a question of mathematics: the more e-mails you send, the more likely you are to win customers. Suddenly, they spend crazy sums on the purchase of email databases.

Analyze Your Inbound Marketing Actions

Is this your case? If so, I am sure that the return on investment is not there, am I wrong? Buying an email database and bombarding contacts with promotional messages still worked a few years ago. Now, that is no longer of interest. Worse, it negatively impacts your image and frustrates the recipients. You were looking for advice on buying basic emails: here are the 7reasons why you absolutely should not invest in these databases. The email databases are not always up to date. For this reason, all the companies that have already purchased email databases have verified it for themselves. The fault does not even lie with the database providers, it is a natural fact.

So you send your emails haphazardly. This naturally leads us to the next reason. The buyer refuses to be imposed on the information. With the Internet and social networks, the buyer has become accustomed to thinking alone. He enjoys getting the information he needs when he needs it. In other words, the buyer no longer accepts to be interrupted during his day by communications that he has not requested. Are you generating leads but having trouble converting them into customers? You are not alone! We are regularly contacted by innovative companies who fail to transform the essay. The reason is simple: your leads aren’t ready to buy. Okay but why? 73% of the leads you generate aren’t ready to buy.

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