We had a conversion rate of 0.7% on our website. After only 3 months, Marketing Automation allowed us to reach a conversion rate of 2.5%! Marketing Automation to retain your customers. Because it is always Italy Phone Number List to retain one, it is rational to set up a strategy of loyalty of your customers. However, it happens very often to me to meet companies which admit to me that they do not have time to ensure a particular communication for their customers and that the only communication which they receive is generally the invoice…! Not great right? With Marketing Automation, on the same principle as Lead Nurturing presented above, you have the possibility of automating communication actions.

Aimed at your customers based on the information you have and their behavior. Marketing Automation thus allows you to ensure the satisfaction of your customers, to increase their lifespan with you but also the amount of the average basket . Marketing Automation to measure your ROI. Another great advantage of Marketing Automation: Marketing Automation allows you to manage all your marketing and communication actions under the same tool. In other words, with Marketing Automation, you will no longer have to juggle between platforms to manage your website, your social networks, your e-mailings and other digital advertising campaigns. And who says single platform says complete reporting! Too often, we meet companies that do not have a clear idea

Feed Their Buying Thinking To Bring Them To Maturity

Of ​​the return on investment of their marketing actions and for whom achieving full reporting is a real obstacle course. With Marketing Automation, measuring your ROI is done in one click ! Prerequisite: align Marketing and Sales. For your Marketing Automation strategy to be successful. Before launching the big maneuvers, you must bring together the Marketing and Sales departments. We are regularly called as “firefighters”. In companies which have invested tens of thousands of euros in a Marketing Automation project. But which do not see the slightest return on their investment. The failure of a Marketing Automation strategy. Very often stems from the fact that Marketing and Sales do not work together. Sometimes even causing tensions between the two departments.


To generate qualified leads with Marketing Automation, Marketing and Sales need to agree on exactly what a qualified prospect is. What is the typical profile of an ideal prospect? How do you recognize that a prospect is mature? These two questions will allow you to determine very precisely the strategy to put in place and how you should configure your Marketing Automation tool to generate the best prospects. At our customers, we ask sales reps the following question: What type of leads do you want us to send you? Prerequisite bis: define a relevant Inbound Marketing strategy. Marketing Automation is just a tool. To get the most from your Marketing Automation solution, you must use it as part of the implementation of a quality Inbound Marketing strategy.

Send Them To The Sales Department At The Right Time

Inbound Marketing consists of creating content to attract visitors to your website, convert them into prospects, convert them into customers and retain them. It’s a 4-step strategy: SLN Web – Inbound marketing agency – our method in 4 steps. If you haven’t yet thought about your Inbound Marketing strategy, it’s still a bit early to switch to Marketing Automation. You have two choices here: Contact us to work on your Marketing Automation strategy! Download our complete guide to creating your Inbound Marketing strategy! How To Generate Qualified Leads With Marketing Automation. The first mission of Marketing Automation is to convert visitors to your website into qualified prospects. For this, you must use 3 features of the tool to configure a relevant conversion funnel on your website:

The mechanics are very simple: to engage the visitor, you attract his attention with the Call-To-Action, he clicks on it and arrives on a Landing Page from which he fills out a Form in order to download a premium content offer . The Call-To-Action is a call-to-action button. The Call-To-Action is essential to encourage visitors to get involved by leaving you their contact details. By clicking on this button, the visitor shows you that he appreciated the first contact on your site and that he wishes to go further with you. A Marketing Automation tool allows you not only to create and integrate the call to action button on your website but also to monitor its performance.

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