Too often, its impact is minimized, but the form is an essential element in the generation of Leads. The quality of the Costa Rica Email List is relevant. The Lead generation form should allow you to collect key information to promote the job of salespeople for conversion. So how do you do it? Having participated in the definition and implementation of digital marketing strategy in many B2B companies, it seemed interesting to me that the question of the lead generation form is only too rarely at the center of concerns. It’s even stranger when you know that the goal of this kind of campaign IS the generation of Leads. To generate Leads, visitors to your website need to fill out a form.

The form is therefore a central element in the generation of Leads but its importance is too often minimized. This is why we often find the simple contact form on B2B websites. It’s not enough, clearly. To generate a maximum of qualified leads, you must offer several contact forms on your website. Oh, by the way, what are we asking for in the lead generation form? Classic question to which the answers too often revolve around: The usual fields will do the trick!” First name, Last name, Email, Business, Your message, OK here we go. The classic contact form is not suitable for generating leads. The classic contact form is not suitable for your business needs.

Lead generation forms must be thought out by Marketing

By this, I mean that the information you collect in a form like above does not add any vital information to your sales team. Worse, by taking a look on LinkedIn there is a good chance that you will find more interesting information for your salespeople. For example, the position of your new Lead, the size of their company, their geographic location, their sector of activity… in short, you get the idea. A classic form doesn’t give you enough value-added information about the contacts you generate to measure their level of qualification and maturity. Salespeople, therefore, do not have quality Leads to process due to a lack of information collected.


How many fields do I need in a Lead generation form? Regarding the perfect lead generation form that always works, I’m going to disappoint you but it doesn’t exist. Overall, the lead generation form should be tailored to the consideration you are offering to retrieve your lead’s information. A free consultation, a demo request, a white paper, a webinar registration … there is a whole set of premium content offers that allow you to capture Leads and therefore information from your new contacts. For your lead generation forms, everything is therefore a question of dosage. The more the request made by your Lead will require involvement in terms of time on the part of your sales teams.

The term quantity often refers to the term quality

A demonstration request, for example, the more information the form must request. The goal is to be able to ensure that future appointments will be qualified. Basically, the idea is that your salespeople don’t spend an hour with an average Lead but rather with the most qualified. In this specific case, a demo request, the more information you have at your disposal, the more you can qualify your meeting upstream. As we have seen previously, the amount of information to request from your visitors varies according to the type of Content Offer but also their level of maturity. The more mature a visitor, the more ready they will be to leave you information.

You cannot, therefore, request the same volume and the same type of information from a visitor depending on whether he is at the beginning or at the end of the purchase consideration. Once is not customary, beyond the quantity of information requested in a lead generation form, the quality of this information collected is fundamental. To be sure that you are requesting the right information in your lead generation forms, it is necessary to have marketing and sales work together. Even easier to have a good basis for your forms, work on setting up your Lead Scoring. The creation of an effective lead generation form is intimately linked to the quality of your Lead Scoring.

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