Conversely, the alignment between marketing and sales leads on average to an increase of. 32% of income from year to year. 208% of Montenegro Email List and sales? To improve alignment between marketing and sales teams, you need to follow 4 steps. Set a common goal. If each department can have different objectives, they must work towards a common end goal (increase the conversion rate, double the turnover, acquire 3x more leads…). Determine a common goal, clear and quantified, so that each team is sailing in the same direction. Determine the ideal prospect. Each team must have a clear idea of ​​the criteria for qualifying a prospect.

For this, you must have taken actions to define your buyer persona! Define a lead scoring. Does the user who downloads a white paper have the same value as the reader of a blog article? No, of course. Lead scoring will allow marketing teams to only provide qualified and actionable leads to salespeople. Write an SLA (Service Level Agreement). Define the commitments of each team and make them an official document verifiable by each. You will find in this article all the keys to writing this important document! 5 tips to improve your marketing return on investment. To increase your ROI, no need to increase your investment! Above all, take care to define your objectives upstream.

The Role Of Each Member Of The Marketing Team

Analyze your campaigns and refine your strategy based on the data collected. Focus on 5 concrete good practices to improve your marketing ROI! Define SMART goals. To increase the ROI of your marketing campaigns, you need to set a SMART goal: Temporally defined. In summary: what do you expect from your digital strategy? Without an answer to this question, you will not be able to measure your marketing ROI. Remember to express it as clearly as possible. For example: “increase the volume of leads by 30% per month within 12 months”. Focus on important KPIs. It is important to choose the KPIs that reflect your goal. If you want to increase revenue or sales, you can track metrics like:


The conversion rate. The cost per acquisition. The lifetime customer value. If your goal is to increase brand awareness, focus on: Traffic generated on brand queries. Social media mentions. The volume of subscribers on your social networks. Remember to ask your salespeople and marketers to define the metrics best suited to your objective. Use the right tools. To improve your marketing ROI, you need a single tool, which collects all the data of your strategies. It should give you an overview of the performance of each campaign. The more complete the tool, the more precise data you benefit from to better manage your marketing decisions, and by extension, optimize your ROI. A predictive analytics tool can also help improve your return on investment.

The Graphic Chart

This type of solution relies on machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict future consumer behavior. Based on the predictions, you can plan new campaigns, adapt your offers and better manage your budget. Work your buyers personas. The increase of your marketing ROI requires the good knowledge of your targets. You have to work on your buyers personas to be able to contextualize your marketing actions. The more personalized your campaigns are based on your personas, the more effective they will be. And who says efficiency, says profitability! To make sure your content is reaching the right audience, in the right place, at the right time . It is essential to have created a reliable persona record.

To find out more: How to define a buyer persona? Document your marketing strategy. In addition to documenting the commitments of your teams, you must document your entire marketing strategy. Create a reference file gathering essential elements for the performance of your campaigns. The latter will be able to resume: The persona files that you will have worked on. Best practices for launching a marketing campaign. The language and tone specific to your business. Do not forget to update this document regularly, as soon as the analysis of your campaigns highlights new features or the needs of your buyers change. You are now ready to define, calculate and optimize your marketing ROI! To go further, discover our guide to inbound marketing!

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