Measure the ROI of your influencer marketing, the key in B2B. Are you Cameroon Email List in B2B? If Influencer Marketing is Right for Your Business? The answer is yes. But to what extent and in what ways? You can’t predict it without testing and analyzing your Influencer Marketing actions. To succeed in your B2B influencer marketing strategy, it is essential to define 2 things: SMART objectives; Key performance indicators – KPIs – to be monitored; For the objectives for your influencer marketing strategy, here are some ideas: What objectives for your B2B influencer marketing. The idea for you is to start from these trends, quantify them and limit them in time.

For example, your goal might be to generate 200 qualified leads in 2019 with Influencer Marketing. As soon as you have defined the objectives of your influencer marketing strategy, you can deduce the performance indicators and the KPIs to follow. For example: How to analyze the performance of your influencer marketing. The number of shares, the traffic to your website, the number of impressions, the number of fans/subscribers gained, and even the number of leads generated are essential indicators. By analyzing your influencer marketing actions, you will be able to: Identify the most relevant influencers for you; Identify the content that works best; Refine the duration and dates of your influencer marketing campaigns;

How to contact influencers?

Clearly, analyzing your actions will save you time and money by stopping what isn’t working – or optimizing it – to focus on what works best. This is the key to a successful B2B influencer marketing strategy. Conclusion. Influencer Marketing is a relevant B2B strategy. However, to reap the full benefits, it is essential to identify the right influencers. The most relevant B2B influencers are not celebrities. Journalists, 2.0 influencers, and bloggers are significantly more relevant. The key to a successful B2B influencer marketing strategy is to prioritize micro-influencers – more affordable and more interested – over “celebrities”. Then it’s up to you to contact them by bringing value. Finally, don’t forget to analyze each of your Influencer Marketing campaigns to optimize your return on investment.


Needless to say, hosting a webinar can dramatically increase your email list as interested attendees register, and you can only enter their details using a registration form (in compliance with the new European regulations on the protection of personal data – RGPD). In addition to your Landing Page, you can place registration forms for your webinar in strategic places on your websites, such as a pop-up banner on your home page and a welcome bar at the top or bottom of your website. your web pages. Make sure you use compelling and clear Call-To-Action to attract the right audience to sign up. You should also request the correct information in your registration forms.

Optimize your registration forms

Such as full name, company name, the field of activity, participant’s position, email address (obviously), interests ( what they are looking for through this webinar), and more. Be picky with your questions because not everyone is ready to share their information, and this could only discourage them from signing up. Plus, you can always ask for more details later, when they’re already on your list and therefore more likely to participate. A great value webinar may be wasted if you have no attendees at all and the registrants are irrelevant because the message was not clear enough. Maximize the power of Email Marketing to attract the right audiences and automate your promotion and signup strategies.

So you have understood it: to make your website your best salesperson, to generate an abundance of qualified leads and convert them into customers, you must no longer sell. You must help. Help generate qualified leads. The 2 watchwords: ALTRUISM and BENEVOLENCE! How does it work concretely? What actions should be taken to generate Leads with your website? Prerequisite: work on a documented strategy. Do you want to generate leads with your website without a strategy? Close this article, you will not achieve your goals. Do you have a strategy? But is she in your head? Same. To generate qualified leads and convert them into customers, you need to have a written strategy.

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