Buyers’ behavior and expectations have changed dramatically, requiring you to quickly review your marketing strategy. In this Samoa Email List an innovative approach is the solution to put in place to overcome the challenges you encounter and achieve your goals. The Guide to B2B Inbound Marketing is complete: download it for free in PDF format! Introduction: why switch to Inbound Marketing when you’re in B2B? The Internet and social networks have revolutionized buyers’ behavior in B2B. Buyers now prefer to find the information. They need to make their purchasing decisions themselves rather than having it imposed on them through unwanted communications. Concretely, the buyer who encounters a problem to be solved goes to Google to find solutions to this problem.

He then selects the most relevant solutions and finally decides to contact the company he has definitively selected. The buyer leads on average alone between 65% and 90% of his buying. Thinking in B2B. Faced with this paradigm shift. As a B2B company, you have to take up a crucial challenge. To attract the attention of the buyer when the latter is not aware that a solution like yours exists. Does not exist. not perceive the uses or the full added value. To meet the challenge, it is imperative that you incorporate pedagogy. Into your marketing strategy and be malicious to subtly grab the buyer’s attention. As we will see in this guide for B2B Business, Inbound Marketing is the perfect strategy.

How To Get Qualified Traffic To Your Website

Besides that, this change in behavior among the B2B buyer has a direct impact on the performance of salespeople who are forced to increase their efforts to obtain the same number of appointments as a few years ago. Marketing to the rescue of the sales department The B2B buyer no longer expects a salesperson to sell them a product. The buyer wants the salesperson to demonstrate to him by A + B that your company is the best to help him solve his problems and achieve his goals. Then why now takes precedence over the how. To be successful, the salesperson must no longer sell, he must help. In this process, he must be able to rely on an efficient marketing department to:


Generate qualified leads; Position yourself as an expert in your field of activity; Concretely, the marketing director must put in place an effective Digital Marketing strategy to make your brand visible, attract visitors to your website and convert them into qualified prospects which will then be transmitted to your sales representatives. Salespeople can thus rely on your marketing department in order to save the time spent in cold prospecting to invest in a personalized proactive approach adapted to the new expectations of the buyer but also to your particularities as a B2B company. In this situation, the Inbound Marketing strategy, through its altruistic and innovative approach, is the solution to put in place.

How To Convert Your Visitors To Leads

Now let’s see how to switch to B2B Inbound Marketing! PREREQUISITES: Determine precisely what a qualified prospect is If you are a marketing manager or director, you have undoubtedly already implemented actions to generate leads in order to support your salespeople. You most certainly send e-mailings, you communicate on social networks and you publish content on your website. These Digital Marketing actions sometimes send you signals and generate some contact requests that you pass on to salespeople. And there, the problem: your salespeople, rather than thanking you for your work, question the quality of your prospects that they fail to convert into customers. On the other hand, as a marketing director, you are skeptical about the skills of salespeople

CLASH! I encounter this situation very often when I discuss with sales or marketing directors of B2B companies. And my conclusion is always the same: the sales manager and the marketing manager are both wrongs! The problem does not come from the lack of skills of the salespeople or the quality of the work of your marketing department. It comes from the fact that the expectations of the two services are not aligned. This is a real challenge for a B2B company since the typical profile of your ideal client evolves at the same rate as your solutions. To set up an effective B2B Inbound Marketing strategy and generate qualified leads, the marketing and sales departments must agree on what a qualified prospect is.

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