As a counterpart to corporate sans-serif corona warnings, despondent vacancy texts and sky-high energy bills, we desperately need them. Fonts such as stylish fifties fur or cozy seventies scarf. 1950s fonts as a design trend. Fifties fonts at Gucci , Bijenkorf , Dutch National Opera & Ballet and WeTransfer . Remarkable is the use of vintage fonts in organizations that also have a much cooler and more corporate brand identity . For campaigns, events or other temporary communications, people opt for more warmth.

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That warmth comes from the past. Seventies fonts as one of the design trends. Seventies fonts at Blue Band , Burger King , Greenpeace and Pieter Pot packaging-free groceries . 3. QR Code Nepal Phone Number No one could have predicted that the QR code would ever come to fruition. We had already placed the QR code in the Way-Back-Digital-Stuff-Museum next to Pac-Man, Hyves and MP3 player. However? But no, the QR code has suddenly exploded.

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You see him everywhere. Super handy to go from offline to online, for an (anonymous) check, to pay and for routing across multiple devices. We even come across it as a hip style element. All this means that we see a great future for the good old QR. Still. The QR code returns. Functional QR code at the national government , Klarna and the apps from Pathé and Mc Donalds; iDeal and as decoration at Leiden European City of Science Color in 2022:

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