Content holds a preponderant place in web communication. For an optimal presence on the Internet and social media, it is Senegal WhatsApp Number List a relevant content marketing strategy. Content marketing is more complex than writing an article or a post on social media. As proof, this infographic which presents the paradoxes and challenges of content marketing.

Content marketing takes its place in marketing and communication strategies. Companies are gradually becoming convinced of the importance of content in their business development and in the management of their brand image.

On the other hand, few are those who have unraveled all its mysteries. Content marketing is complex. Just having a blog and a Facebook account isn’t enough to get results. Content marketing is filled with paradoxes proving that it is still in its infancy and that the road to its professionalization is still very long!

The paradoxes of content marketing
Interesting content is the number one reason people follow a brand on social media. However, only 1 in 5 Internet users read their entire content. 86% of B2C marketers practice content marketing but 59% of them don’t think their teams have all the keys in hand to use it successfully.

The costs of content marketing are 62% lower than the costs of traditional marketing. 52% of content marketers feel constrained by budgets. 68% of marketers plan to increase their investment in blogging. Conversely, only 43% of them have a blog adapted to mobile (Responsive).

54% of marketers would choose Facebook if they had to select only one medium in their content strategy. Only 43% think their actions on the social network are effective.

The Paradoxes Of Content Marketing

92% of marketers are aware of the importance of social media for their business but 2 in 3 believe they cannot measure the ROI of their Social Media actions.

57% of content marketers say they are running out of time and 45% struggle to produce enough content. The solution ? Be realistic and compose with your real resources!

Only 1% of content is shared on social media in any meaningful way without a community of committed fans to the author. The solution ? Work on your distribution strategy and think about the needs and desires of your audience!


27 million pieces of content are shared every day. The solution ? To stand out, define a relevant strategy based on the different media (earned, owned and paid / conquered, held, bought)

Internet and social media are essential levers of communication and development. Not just for big companies. VSEs and SMEs must also become aware of the need to develop an internet presence for their activity and their turnover. Why is using the Internet essential for a VSE / SME?

VSEs and SMEs are not all equal when it comes to the Internet and social media: Some very early on became aware of the impact of an online presence on turnover and the development of the activity. Some are clearly not convinced.

The others have already tried their hand at communication on the internet and on social networks but, without a strategy, have not obtained any results and have therefore removed the web and social media from their communication.

Content Marketing And Its Challenges

The first batch is now reaping the fruits of what it sowed and its business development benefits from the full power of the web and social media. The other two categories let the train go by and a great opportunity to gain market share or worse, to maintain their activity.

Be careful, I am not saying that the Internet and social media alone can save a society. On the other hand, not being on the web represents a real danger for the sustainability of a VSE / SME.

Why VSEs and SMEs must develop an online presence. Why communicate on the Internet and social networks. 88% of consumers who search for information on a company from a mobile phone contact it within 24 hours.

60% of local VSEs / SMEs do not have a phone number on their website. 25% of local VSEs / SMEs are not present on the Internet at all 63% of local VSEs / SMEs do not have a website and continue to communicate in the old fashioned way!

The impact of online reputation on consumers’ decisions. E-reputation for VSEs and SMEs E-reputation is the reputation of a company, or a person, on the internet. Not being present on the internet means not following your online reputation, not exploiting it if it is good, not taking care of it if it is bad. However, e-reputation has a direct impact on consumer decisions:

7 out of 10 consumers trust the opinions found on the Internet, as much as the recommendations made by those around them. 5 out of 10 consumers choose a local VSE / SME based on its e-reputation.

To go further: E-reputation for dummies | Definitions and good practices. Mobile research, a new challenge for VSEs / SMEs. Google mobile search Between the smartphone and the tablet, research via a mobile device is becoming increasingly important:

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