To set up an effective marketing and sales strategy, it is essential to understand the different types of consumers and Internet users. By analyzing the Croatian Email List your target. Here are the 4 types of consumers and 6 types of Internet users. Types of consumers are changing with the Internet. Marketing is a recent concept, but it has already undergone many profound changes. The guilty? Internet! When it first appeared during the Industrial Revolution, marketing consisted of offering the same product to everyone and promoting it in one and the same way. It was the era of One Too Many (mass marketing).

With globalization and increased competition, targeted marketing by segmentation, One Too Few, has appeared. Now, with the Internet, consumers search, analyze, compare and expect ultra-personalized products and services from a business. We are in the age of To One marketing. From a pair of sneakers to a flat-screen, from building construction to a consulting mission, consumers, individuals or professionals, have very specific needs and behaviors. It is, therefore, necessary to take them all into consideration in order to establish offers in line with its market, its target, and its core target. It is of course impossible to define very precisely the needs of each one, no one having the human and financial resources, but it is possible to build its offer.

The different types of Internet users

And its web marketing strategy according to the different types of consumers and Internet users. Know the purchasing behavior to succeed in your web strategy. According to a Digital Life study by TNS Sofres, there are 6 types of Internet users: Type of Internet users: Aspire. This type of Internet user is relatively new on the web and has a fairly rare use. Aspirer mainly connects from home and buys very little (if at all) online. Type of Internet users: the Communicator. For him, the Internet is above all a means of expression and sharing. This type of Internet user is a large consumer of social networks and email. He is mainly connected to his smartphone.


Type of Internet users Functional. He has been using the Internet for a very long time and sees it primarily as a tool. He uses it for information, to buy, or for professional reasons. This type of Internet user is not fond of social networks and questions the publication of private data. Type of Internet users the Knowledge-seeker. Like the Functional, it uses the internet to get information but also to train and learn. This type of Internet user also does not like social networks. He uses the Internet in particular to make an offline purchasing decision. Type of Internet user Influencer. He is young and the Internet is an integral part of his way of life. He is always connected, no matter where, from his PC, mobile, or tablet.

The different types of consumers

This type of Internet user buys very regularly on the Internet, even from their mobile. Type of Internet users the Networker. For him, the Internet is essential for creating and maintaining relationships, especially through social networks. This type of Internet user is also a large consumer of emails, forums, and instant messengers. He mainly uses the Internet from home. Just like with IRL (In Real Life) commerce, there are different buying behavior on the Internet. According to Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg in their book “Call To Action”, there are 4 types of consumers whose profile has been strongly impacted in recent years by the Internet. To be well understood in your marketing strategy. Type of consumers the spontaneous.

This type of consumer keeps abreast of new trends and likes to follow the effects of fashions, to reassure themselves. He attaches great importance to opinions and reviews and is on the lookout for good deals and promotions. He is very prone to compulsive buying. Type of consumer the Humanist. This type of consumer also relies on opinions and reviews that he finds on the Internet. However, unlike Spontaneous, it only buys when needed. Finally, he favors companies based on his personal values. Type of consumer the Methodical. This type of consumer is ultra-rational and attaches importance to the smallest detail. Before making a decision, they’ll have visited the vast majority (if not all) of your site.

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