Aligning the marketing and sales departments is not only beneficial, but it is also imperative. It is about your Liechtenstein Email List of your B2B business. Do you doubt it? Here are the dangers of a marketing and sales misalignment. I quite like the analogy LinkedIn made about marketing and sales alignment: What happens when a car’s wheels aren’t aligned? As you have probably heard from your mechanic, a misalignment of the wheels will ultimately affect the steering, shocks, and tire wear. It is the same for the alignment of the marketing department and the sales department. A poor alignment of marketing and sales inevitably negatively impacts the quality of the leads you generate.

Your conversion rate and therefore your turnover. To be more concrete and convince yourself to immediately work on your marketing and sales alignment, here are the dangers you face. Poor alignment degrades your competitiveness. Align marketing and sales to improve performance. According to this infographic published by LinkedIn, a poor alignment between marketing. And sales negatively impact your performance compared to the competition: 60% lower financial performance; A 59% poorer customer experience; 58% shorter customer retention period; Why marketing and sales alignment – performance. 65% of B2B companies surveyed say. That marketing and sales misalignment inevitably leads to lost business opportunities. They also believe that it causes frustration among customers, a waste of time, and lower morale among employees.

Satisfy The Customer By Aligning Marketing And Sales

Do you want to take stock of your Marketing and Sales Alignment? Take advantage of a Free Audit! Misalignment is preventing you from fully understanding the buyer. The B2B buyer’s demands are always higher. Its purchasing behavior is increasingly complex. The B2B buyer is autonomous, he leads his buying thinking on his own, relying on all the sources of information he has at his disposal. The buyer expects you to personalize each of your marketing and sales approaches. The buyer wants you to answer all the questions they have during the buying journey by providing them with quality content. But knowing your buyer inside out is important. And this is where misalignment between marketing and salesperson gets you down.


67% of companies that have aligned their marketing with their sales department say they understand the customer better. 61% of them even think they are more convincing to decision-makers. Worse, a good alignment between marketing and sales allows a company to have 13% more customer knowledge than misaligned companies. Seduce the buyer with marketing and sales alignment. A good marketing and sales alignment also allow you to gather more information from your customers: for example, 65% of companies that have aligned marketing and sales collect data from their customers. That’s 8% more than non-aligned companies! Inbound Marketing to align Marketing and Commercial. Aligning your marketing and sales departments is a priority.

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Marketing Automation allows you to send your sales reps the most mature leads who will convert them faster and more often. Do you want to know more about Marketing Automation? Download our Marketing Automation. All automatically. At the right time and in the right place. But how to determine all this? By analyzing your actions! The analysis is the key to success on social media – you need to analyze every action you take. You have to understand why one publication does not work, why others, on the contrary, are successful. Over the course of your analyzes, you will inevitably gain in performance. Do you want to generate more leads on the Internet and Social Networks? Download our Free Guide to B2B Lead Generation!

Now you are probably wondering how to do this? You must thoroughly review your marketing and sales strategy to build a single one that will allow the two departments to pursue common goals together. Inbound Marketing is naturally essential here as the essential strategy: Inbound Marketing allows marketing to generate qualified and mature leads in order to transmit them to salespeople for conversion. Want to know more about Inbound Marketing? Download our B2B Inbound Guide for Innovative Businesses! SLN Web – Inbound marketing agency – our method in 4 steps. Inbound Marketing harmoniously takes up the majority of the levers that we have seen previously. Concretely, Inbound Marketing consists of creating high added value content and promoting.

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