There are four to five different calls to action throughout the page. Derek is also influencing people by showing social proof. There is a big testimonial and also “as featured on” bar. . Growth lab according to influence: science and practice. From robert d. South Africa Phone Number Cialdini: “people generally look to other people similar to themselves when making decisions.” and what better way to do that than by showing customer stories. Ramit sethi. The founder of growthlab. Is super aware of this.

So when you visit growthlab for the first time. You’re going to see the big images of ramit’s customers. With a persuasive headline showing you the result the customer got. And a tempting call to action to read the whole story of that customer. Man. Can you stop South Africa Phone Number your craving to read those stories? I can’t! And then there’re signup forms like this throughout the homepage. Besides that. I also love how ramit uses social proof all over his homepage. Like this: in short. This whole homepage is filled with social proof. This immediately influences visitors to convert and become a subscriber. 

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Similarly. If you’ve helped any customer accomplish their goals. Reach out to that customer and feature their testimonial or story on your homepage. It’s the best way to get the attention of any visitor. . Paul jarvis from the telegraph: “the attention span of an average South Africa phone number human being has fallen from  seconds in . To  seconds.” which means visitors coming to your website may close the tab or hit the back button within just a few seconds. That’s why you need to quickly explain your website. Share your story. And then get them to sign up. And boy. Look at this homepage. 

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Paul jarvis’ homepage is tailor-made for today’s generation. Here’s how: the headline instantly answers the question. “who is paul jarvis?” and “what does he do?” then the sub headline explains. “why you should sign up” and “what are you getting?” the call to action is also irresistible. Paul is inviting you to join “. other folks.” finally there is tons of social proof here. There’s a South Africa Phone Number testimonial. A big bar showing the site logos. And the call to action is also social proof in itself. Smart. Isn’t it? . Smart blogger you don’t need to hire expensive web designers to design your homepage. At least. Not when you’re just starting. The purpose of your homepage should always be to get an email subscriber build trust and if your homepage does those two things you’re good to go. 

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Take smart blogger. Their homepage is far from being fancy. However. They’ve put focus on building their mailing list and it’s evident from the feature box. This homepage serves its purpose pretty well. As soon as a visitor lands. They want to see the content. South Africa Phone Number And this homepage straight away provides that. Plus. They’ve used a feature box. Using it. They’ve featured an irresistible lead magnet to building their email list. Tip: leadpages is one of the top lead generation tools to capture and convert leads. That is why jeffbullas uses it as one of its tools. Anyone can build a homepage like this. It’s easy.

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