Local SEO is a great opportunity to gain visibility in search engines. We present to you a complete guide to India WhatsApp Number List to set it up! Contents of this article:What is local SEO? Definition of local SEO. Local SEO is the fact of optimizing pages of your website for queries including specific location.

It was in 2014 that local SEO began to really take on the importance that we know today with the deployment of two Google algorithms: Google Venice and the most famous Google Pigeon. These two algorithms have integrated the consideration of location in the search results of Internet users.

Concretely, before 2014, if you simply searched for “Pizzeria” on Google and you did not enter a locality, Google could offer you results from pizzerias located in the 4 corners of the globe.

Since the Venice and Pigeon updates, your location (defined from your IP address on desktop and geolocation on mobile) is naturally taken into account in your searches by Google. Which gives for example for me who am based in Le Havre in Normandy:

An example of a local result in search engines
An example of a local results page on Google
In other words, to popularize: before 2014, I should have entered “Pizzeria Le Havre” to find my happiness whereas today, thanks to Google Venice and Pigeon, “Pizzeria” is sufficient!

What is the Local Pack in SEO?
Local Google search results return two main types of results each time:

Organic search results
These are the results that return website pages, just like any other type of Google search.

The Google My Business Local Pack
The Local Pack integrates before organic search results, and after Google Ads ads, if there are any on that query.

What Is The Local Pack In Seo?

It consists of a Google Maps map showing the search results dynamically as well as information provided on Google My Business. Example of a local search result with the Google My Business Local Pack
Here is an example of the Local Pack keeping my example of the pizzeria. At the top, the Google Maps map, and below the information entered in Google My Business.
Even if it still offers a Google Maps map, the Local Pack may appear differently depending on the nature of the user’s request and the type of business sought.

For searches on brand names or professionals (dentists, garages, bakeries, etc.), the Local Pack offers Google My Business information about addresses, website links, opening hours, routes, etc. .

In the case of restaurant searches, the results will instead provide information such as Google reviews of the location, price range, type of cuisine, address, opening hours, and photos of the location.


For hotels, the results will return additional information such as the prices of overnight stays or the services offered by the establishments.

What is Google My Business?
Google My Business offers richer and more visible results in search results. They’re displayed in what’s known as the Knowledge Graph which typically displays to the right of organic search results on desktop.

The Knowledge Graph of SLN L’Agence
The Knowledge Graph of SLN L’Agence
Google My Business is an essential element to take into account for your local SEO. The tool is updated regularly with new options which are all opportunities to improve your visibility on Google.

How do I create a Google My Business page?
To create your Google My Business page, you will simply need a Google email address and follow the steps on this page!

What Is Google My Business?

One of the advantages of Google My Business is that it allows you to perform a number of actions directly from the search results page.

For example, you can configure your page to allow Internet users to make an appointment with you, request a quote, find the route to get to your premises or send you an email directly.

Do not hesitate to complete your Google My Business page as much as possible. Add all the data about your business, your offer and other key information.

Consider attaching photos and videos that showcase you. If you do not include one, Google will integrate some itself based on Google Street View captures or on geolocated images. What are the Google My Business ranking criteria for local SEO? To improve your local SEO, you will need to work on 3 main criteria on Google My Business:

This criterion reflects the consistency between the query entered by an Internet user and the information entered in the Google My Business pages. This is why you must fill in the information concerning your company correctly and as much as possible.

So pay special attention to the categories in which you choose to include your business. Also complete the description of the company with keywords useful for your business while including good location information.

Google does not like cheating and will pay particular attention to ensure that the contact details entered on Google My Business match well with those on your website. Watch out if you try to rip him off!

The distance
Here it is pure logic. Based on the information on the location of your company and the geolocation or IP data of the Internet user, Google will put you more or less ahead. The closer the user is detected to you, the more likely you are to appear high in local search results.

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