In 5 years, the blog has grown from 0 to 35,000 visitors each month. A few days ago, we exceeded 500,000 unique Ghana Email List month. How to promote your blog? How to develop it? Attract and retain more visitors? Here are the 5 B2B marketing lessons that I have learned from these 5 superb years. I remember this November 3, 2013, as if it were yesterday. I had written 10 articles presenting my tips for creating an effective B2B Digital Marketing strategy, I had worked on the design as best I could, I had teased the track a little on social networks. All I had to do was put the blog online.

After doing that, I went straight into Google Analytics, torn between stress and excitement. We are not going to lie, it was the desert all day on the blog. I attracted 30 visitors during the day. 5 years later, this traffic has multiplied by 40! Each day, we attract an average of 1,200 visitors to the blog, 80% of which are from search engines. Each month, we generate 400 qualified leads. How did we get there? How did I promote my blog and attract more visitors? How are we doing today to continue our growth? Here are the 5 main B2B Marketing lessons we learned from these 5 years of blogging. After 5 years of blogging the 5 marketing lessons, I have learned from it

We must no longer sell, we must help!

B2B Marketing Lesson. If you only have to learn one lesson from the 5, this is it. If the blog attracts more visitors every month, it’s because we are sincerely looking to help you. We give you all the keys to define and implement an effective B2B Digital Marketing strategy, a strategy that will allow you to generate quality leads and develop your turnover to meet your expectations. We say it to all our customers: you don’t need us to move forward, all the information you need is available to you for free on the blog! So how do we live? The B2B decision-maker is looking for a trusted partner, the best one to help them solve their problems and achieve their goals.


By revealing all my tips and methodology, I show the decision-maker that I know what I’m talking about and that I’m really looking to help. I gain the confidence of the decision-maker who knows full well that he will not have the time or all the necessary skills to lead a complete Digital Marketing strategy. This is how I receive requests for quotes on a daily basis. The first B2B Marketing lesson I learned from my 5 years of blogging is that you have to write a blog article with kindness and altruism. B2B Marketing Lesson No Strategy, No ROI. This lesson, I learned at my expense. Even though I was full of goodwill when I launched the blog 5 years ago, over the weeks.

No more blank page syndrome

I won’t hide from you that my enthusiasm has waned. I didn’t write regularly, and seeing that the audience didn’t immediately increase was pretty cool for me. To create and develop your blog, it is important to have a medium / long-term vision, to be patient. Initially, I didn’t have a blog strategy. I went instinctively and naturally, I started to let go. From 2 blog posts per week, I went down to 1 blog post per month. Fatal error. I realized this after a few weeks and I finally took the time to do what I recommend to all my B2B clients: work on a documented marketing strategy. This strategy includes my editorial line and a schedule that allows me to engage with myself: I know what to write and when to write it.

B2B Marketing Lesson Save the Commercial Soldier! As you may have noticed, I alternate the “I’s” and the “we” in this article. I’m not HAHA schizophrenic, it’s just that Sébastien joined me in 2015 in the adventure! Sébastien has been in business since the mid-2000s. For a very long time, he carried out traditional commercial prospecting actions such as phoning and door-to-door calls. Over the years, he realized that these commercial prospecting actions were no longer effective and turned to Digital Marketing actions. This is when our visions came together! With Sébastien, we met at university 12 years ago now. I embarked on a marketing career, he embarked on a commercial career.

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