The buyer no longer accepts to be canvassed. Now you need to put in place a marketing strategy that grabs and holds their attention. In short, your Spain Phone Number List not force you to chase after them. Here is the process to take up the challenge. The Internet and social networks have changed the behavior and expectations of buyers. Now he wants to do his thinking alone, at his own pace. He has all the information he needs on the web so why would he accept being disturbed in his daily life? Does your customer want to buy? He searches and compares the options on the Internet. All this makes cold prospecting actions – phoning, prospecting emails, door to door.

Obsolete and even dangerous for your brand image. Simply put, you need to stop ( or say slow down the transition time! ) Chasing after customers. You need to reinvent yourself, to put in place innovative actions to adapt to this autonomous and somewhat fierce buyer. Your growth depends directly on your ability to implement a marketing strategy that attracts customers to you. This strategy what is it? You must define precisely how many qualified leads you must send to salespeople to reach the number of new customers and the desired turnover in order to then determine the number of visits to attract to your website to generate this volume. qualified leads.

What Is The Best Marketing Strategy?

The best strategy to attract customers today is Inbound Marketing as opposed to Outbound Marketing. The idea of ​​this marketing strategy is to regularly publish quality content to attract visitors to your website and then convert them into customers. Why inbound is the best marketing strategy? As we saw in the introduction, the buyer conducts his thinking, independently, on the Internet. The challenge for you is therefore to attract his attention online, to guide him in his thinking until he has all the information necessary for his decision-making. Your marketing strategy must therefore allow you to: Be visible when customers are looking for information. Convince them to do their thinking with you. Encourage them to take action.


Make them your best ambassadors (to attract more customers! This gives a 4-step strategy, the Inbound strategy: SLN Web – Inbound marketing agency – our method in 4 steps. What actions should be put in place to attract customers? If we are based on the 4 steps of this innovative marketing strategy, here are the actions to be taken to attract customers to you: Attract qualified visitors to your website. If you want to attract customers to you, you must first convince them to take a look at your website. Your first actions should therefore allow you to attract qualified visitors: Define the keywords entered by your prospects as part of their purchase thinking.

How To Attract Customers?

Work on your editorial line and a schedule in line with the problems of your prospects and their purchasing process. Create optimized web content. Promote your content via social networks or E-mail Marketing. Convert your visitors to leads. Once you have attracted qualified visitors to your website, you must do everything to engage them. The goal? Collect their contact details before they leave you. If you are in B2C you can try to convert them directly into customers but most of the time you will fail. In B2B, the length of your sales cycle makes direct buying almost impossible. The visitors you attract to your website are in the process of thinking.

And need additional information before buying. It’s up to you to provide it to them. In this process, you must offer premium content available for download on your website in return for a completed form. To maximize your conversion opportunities, it is important to put on your website buttons with call to action ( Call-to-Action ) that point to landing pages optimized ( Landing Page ). Convert your prospects into customers. After getting your visitors’ contact details and converting them to leads, you will then need to convince them to trust you. To do this, it is important to feed your prospects’ purchasing thinking by regularly sending them high added value content. We’re talking about Lead Nurturing.

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