How to generate leads in B2B when the decision-maker is always more autonomous and connected in his purchase thinking? It is a Switzerland Email Database business. To meet it, here is the complete guide which presents the 5 steps to follow for an effective lead generation strategy. What is a Lead Generation Strategy? Definition: A lead generation strategy consists of using all the Marketing and Web Marketing levers at your disposal to attract the attention of the decision-maker during his purchase reflection. The lead generation process is simple: you attract the decision-maker to your website and encourage them to give you their contact details and all.

The information you need to validate that they are qualified and ready to buy. SLN Web – Inbound marketing agency – our method in 4 steps. Lead generation is the first part of the Inbound Marketing methodology illustrated above. The sole objective of this strategy is to supply sales reps with quality leads so that they convert them into customers. The entire B2B Lead Generation Guide in PDF here: New call-to-action. Why is it imperative to Implement a B2B Lead Generation Strategy? The way your customers buy B2B has changed. It is essential to review the way you sell. I see 2 indisputable reasons to set up a B2B lead generation strategy: You can see it on the faces of your salespeople: the prospecting methods they use are not as effective as they used to be.

Traditional prospecting levers no longer work

I recently spoke with a marketing manager who told me that the salespeople in her B2B box made an average of 12 calls per day. When I asked him how it was going for them, his answer was clear: They take 12 rakes! This discussion perfectly illustrates the difficulties that B2B salespeople encounter today: the decision-maker no longer wishes to speak to them. B2B lead generation stats. The B2B decision-maker has all the information just a click away to carry out their purchasing thinking at their own pace. He no longer accepts being interrupted during his day by a salesperson, unless the latter, by the most total chance, falls at the precise moment when the decision-maker has an urgent need.


As we will see in this guide, a lead generation strategy can reduce the part of chance in commercial prospecting. The B2B decision-maker expects something else from you to sell. Let’s be honest: the decision-maker is over-solicited in B2B and he is fed up with it! Increasingly autonomous buyer in B2B – lead generation. 59% of B2B decision-makers thus prefer to do without contact with a sales representative in their purchasing journey. Since this statistic dates back to a few months ago. It is clear that the trend is continually increasing with new technologies such as Chatbot or Artificial Intelligence. The decision-maker no longer expects you to sell your offers. He wants you to guide him in his buying thinking.

Buyer’s behavior in B2B to generate leads

To do this, long before you present your solutions to him, he expects you to answer his problems and the questions he asks himself according to his level of maturity. How? ‘Or’ What? As we saw earlier, everything is played out on the Internet since 61% of B2B decision-makers start their purchase thinking on a search engine. The Internet should therefore be your main source of leads. The Generation of Leads is a Sacred Challenge in B2B. The B2B decision-maker leads alone between 65 and 90% of his purchasing thinking. This is often a problem for a B2B business, especially if your business is a technology or innovative business. Why? The decision-maker often does not suspect the existence of your solutions.

Or, at best, does not understand all of their characteristics, uses and added value. In fact, the decision-maker will never look for you directly on the Internet. Lead generation is therefore a crucial issue for you: how to attract the attention of decision-makers on the Internet when they are not looking for you? This is what we will see in this guide but it all comes down to two words: altruism and benevolence. You will see. Want to Generate More Quality Leads on the Internet? Switch to Inbound Marketing! New call-to-action. The Prerequisites for an Effective Lead Generation Strategy. Define what a good lead is. To generate qualified leads , you need to know what characterizes a qualified lead. It is only common sense.

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