Throughout his purchase reflection. Do you want to ? Inbound Marketing is the solution: download our free guide now! There, it’s a Philippines Phone Number List visitors, you have to be well referenced on Google … But to be well referenced on Google, you have to have visitors. To be well referenced, Google must be convinced by the relevance of your website. High traffic naturally means that your website is interesting. This reason is often the reason why businesses fail when launching their website. They think that once online, visitors will arrive on their own. However, natural referencing is a matter of patience. Since it is often necessary to wait several months before seeing the first significant results.

And, you will understand, this wait will be even longer if you have no visitors during this interval. To prevent your website from remaining deserted, you must do everything possible to acquire traffic while waiting for the benefits of natural referencing. In this approach, social networks, e-mail marketing, advertising and more generally the Inbound Marketing approach is the solution. B2B buyer’s behavior and expectations have changed dramatically, forcing you to quickly review your business prospecting plan. How to prospect well in the age of the web and social networks? Here is the complete guide and the digital prospecting plan to follow in 4 steps! Traditional business prospecting and digital prospecting are similar in their proactive aspects. Either way, you are looking for the best business opportunity.

Summary Of The B2B Digital Prospecting Guide

Only, in these two commercial approaches, although having the same objectives, the different interactions with the prospects are not constructed in the same way. Traditional commercial prospecting is based on outgoing messages bringing little added value to the interlocutor, while digital prospecting is synonymous with supporting the customer in his reflection phase. Prospects have at their disposal the means to acquire a lot of information about your company and your offers. They are able to identify their own needs and learn on their own about the solutions to consider, before starting a conversation with a salesperson. Times have changed, so have B2B buyers, and you need to adapt your business development plan to this new way of operating.


Before presenting the steps of an effective digital prospecting, I will show you how to properly prepare for it. This preparation phase is important in defining your digital prospecting plan because it will allow you to ask yourself the right questions about your prospecting methods and tools. Chapter how to properly prepare your digital prospecting in B2B? Define your typical target. What type of ideal business are you looking to prospect? Before you start and spend a lot of energy trying to find customers, you must first target what types of businesses you want to prospect. This is the starting point of your digital prospecting plan. To do this, we will see together how to create an Ideal Buyer profile.

Why Switch To B2B Digital Prospecting?

The Ideal Ideal Buyer profile draws up a list of criteria in order to define the typical companies that you wish to prospect. To maximize your customer signature rate, there is no point in prospecting for companies that do not meet your selection criteria. To determine your IBP or Ideal Buyer profile, here is a list of questions and criteria that you can select: Is there an ideal geographic location? Is there an ideal business size? in relation to the number of employees, turnover, number of customers, etc.? There a particular sector to address. How big is the marketing department? Is the company present in several markets? Many countries? Take the time to talk to all the stakeholders.

Who have direct contact with your customers and prospects. You can also discuss your entire ecosystem with your partners and suppliers. Not to mention one to take a close look at your competition. It is important to carry out this preparation step carefully to properly prepare your digital prospecting plan. If you don’t “dig enough” into this study of identifying your ideal corporate customer, you will be faced with the next steps in engaging with prospects that your products and solutions cannot help. The days are short and there is no point in your contact or yourself spending time talking about your business and your products to people who will never be your customers.

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