Establish your Buyer Persona. To go even more into the specific and know who is the contact to prospect within the Poland Phone Number List a Buyer Persona. The Buyer Persona is a semi-fictional character who will serve as a reference for you to decide which is (are) your main entry points into the companies that are part of your IBP. Here is an example of questions to ask yourself to create the robot portrait : What are the goals of my persona? How do I find out about my persona? How is my persona formed? Is he the final decision maker? What are the difficulties he encounters on a daily basis? How does he seek to overcome his difficulties?

The most important part of properly identifying your Personas is understanding what issue or difficulty they are trying to address. In its quest for information, you must be positioned in front of its search engine queries. For each of the problems of your personas, you must present quality information to help them in their search for information. Having quality information responding to your Persona’s requests is good. Understanding how he gets information and what social networks he is on is better. Answering this question will allow you to position your content well and increase your chances of being read. This is the key to a successful B2B digital prospecting plan.

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The CEO can be the one who makes the final decision. Your Persona may just be an intermediary in the process, but they are still central to you and your business. Without his intervention, you will never set foot in the CEO’s office. The expert is often mandated by management to put together a file on very specific themes. Profiles who seek information often have different roles to play in the purchasing decision. Define their customer journey. Now that you have identified your target companies and the privileged contact to prospect, you must now define their customer journey. You will be able to understand how to approach it according to its level of maturity. Personalizing your approach is important in B2B prospecting.


By defining the three stages of your prospects’ customer journey, you will be able to identify how you can help them with your products and services at each stage of their purchasing journey. The 4Ps of content marketing – SLN Web. AWARENESS: Your contact is at a very early stage in their customer journey. At this stage, he has identified a problem and begins to look for solutions to respond to it. At the awareness stage, your potential buyers are not yet looking for a solution to their problem. They just realized that they were having a problem, which triggered an information search. During this stage, the interest of the potential buyer can be captured through several types of information.

The Stages Of Digital Prospecting

By addressing the root cause of the problem, its main symptoms, and sharing “tips and tricks” for solving the problem you add credibility to your speech. CONSIDERATION: Your contact has gone through the responses that seem interesting to them. He now considers your solution as a concrete answer to his problem. At this stage of their customer journey, your prospect seeks to obtain as much information as possible on the products and services they have chosen to study. Rather than spending long hours on the phone, the best way to make your prospect want more is to provide them with specific elements of your products or services. Content specific to its use on how precisely produced.

In this way, you facilitate the understanding of your product or service as well as its specific use case. DECISION: Your contact is entering the last phase of their customer journey. He must decide with whom he wishes to engage in order to solve his problem. It is during this final stage that the prospects will express an interest in entering into communication with the sales department. Throughout this customer journey, your prospect must be comforted in the idea that you are the answer to his problem. Beyond the stages that define the purchasing journey, the B2B digital prospecting approach is based on 2 principles: Prospects have all the tools they need to find information and choose who they think they are working with.

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