57% of consumers say that watching a product video increases their satisfaction and decreases their desire to return the product; 64% of Greece WhatsApp Number List a video stay on average 2 minutes longer; 64% of people who have seen a product / service video are more likely to buy;
Is Instagram Right For Your Business

Instagram is a mobile photo sharing application. Instagram mainly allows to share photos after applying filters making them more aesthetic. Instagram also allows you to share short videos, up to 60 seconds long.

Instagram makes it possible to reach a large audience thanks to the relays of influencers;
Is Instagram Right For Your Business?
51% of Instagram users are men;
20% of Internet users have an Instagram account;
Instagram user engagement (like, share and comments) is 58 times greater than average engagement on Facebook and 120 times greater than average engagement on Twitter! ;
Is Pinterest Right For Your Business.

Pinterest is an equivalent of Twitter but for sharing photos. Pinterest allows you to pin (save) images found on the Internet in previously created folders and share them with your network.

Instagram Allows You To Showcase Your Products

Example: you are passionate about cooking, you will create a folder on Pinterest (we call these files tables on Pinterest) “Kitchen” and will pin all the photos of dishes that appeal to you on the Internet.

The advantages of Pinterest
Pinterest makes it possible to carry out a visual watch;
Pinterest allows you to develop your brand image in a visual way;
Pinterest allows you to attract traffic to your e-commerce site;
Is Pinterest Right For Your Business?


69% of users are women;
92% of pins are made by women;
70% of Pinterest users pin photos for shopping inspiration;
Moms are more attracted to Pinterest than average;
57% of Pinterest users have an interest in food;
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Is Snapchat Right For Your Business?

Snapchat is an ephemeral mobile messaging application. Snapchat allows its users to share messages with a limited lifespan, very short, ranging from 1 to 10 seconds. Beyond this period, Snapchat messages self-destruct and are no longer stored.

Instagram Is A Powerful Tool For Setting Up Your Visual Storytelling Strategy

The advantages of Snapchat
The uses being more original than on Facebook and the others, the competition on Snapchat is weaker;
The ephemeral nature of Snapchat messages stimulates creativity;
Is Snapchat Right For Your Business?
45% of Snapchat users are between 18 and 24 years old;
70 of Snapchat users are women;
76% of Snapchat users have purchased at least 1 product online in the past month;
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Is Periscope Right For Your Business?

Periscope is a live streaming mobile application. Periscope allows live video streaming. Periscope was acquired by Twitter a few days after its launch. Mobile and video being the keys to a successful communication strategy, Periscope is the social network to currently take into account in your thinking.

The advantages of Periscope
Periscope allows you to communicate in real time;
Periscope is 2 million users every day;
110 years of videos are broadcast every day on Periscope;
Is Periscope Right For Your Business?
71% of videos are shown on Periscope by men;
Periscope is available in 25 languages;
15% of top brands on Twitter use Periscope;
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In conclusion,
As you know, social networks are now essential to your communication plan. However, to reap all the benefits, it is important to build a real communication strategy on social networks. And that starts with a skillful selection of social networks on which to focus your efforts.

The selection of your social networks must be done taking into account the characteristics that we have mentioned above but also according to your skills and your human and time resources.

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