Communicating on social networks is obvious in B2C. It must also be in B2B. Social networks are a Djibouti Email List and not integrating them into your marketing and sales strategy is a major mistake. Here are 7 reasons to take the plunge. Why communicate on social networks in B2B. Communicate on social networks to gain notoriety. Social networks occupy our daily lives. They are a major source of information and represent a significant portion of the time spent on the Internet. Half of the world’s population is present on social networks. Why deprive yourself of such potential? Communicating well on social networks will give you essential visibility.

Which Social Networks to Choose in B2B? Consult the Guide! Communicate on social networks to humanize your brand. Social networks have revolutionized the way we communicate. With social media, we can connect with anyone, anytime. I can try to solicit Justin Bieber or Zinedine Zidane and hope to get an answer. In this situation, the decision-maker wants to be able to approach your brand as soon as he feels the need. Communicating on social networks is an opportunity for you to establish a close relationship with your customers and prospects. Communicating well on social media is not just about posting. It is also about listening. Social networks allow you to follow in real-time what is being said about you.

Communicate on social networks to monitor

What your competitors are doing and how your market is evolving. Communicate on social networks to attract more visitors. We are not going to lie to each other: if you are leading a digital marketing strategy, it is to gain customers and develop your turnover. At a time when the buyer is ultra-connected and autonomous in his purchase thinking, your website must be a major source of prospects and customers. To this end, it is essential to attract as many qualified visitors as possible to your website. Communicating on social networks allows you to promote the content of your website and encourage users to visit it. Social networks are an integral part of the purchasing thinking of the B2B decision-maker.


It is essential to integrate social networks into your marketing and sales strategy. You can prospect on social networks like LinkedIn. You can also take actions to automatically generate qualified leads. The idea is to collect the contact details of potential prospects by offering them consideration. To go further here, I recommend that you consult our guide to B2B lead generation. Communicate on social networks to unite a community of ambassadors. We keep repeating it: winning a new customer is much more expensive than retaining one. We know it and yet, what are we really doing to retain our customers? I often tell the story of the exchange I had with the CEO of a technology company.

Communicate on social networks to generate leads

They told me that the only communication his clients received was the invoice. Communicating on social networks allows you to keep in touch with your customers and better still, to encourage them to promote your products/services. This naturally goes through the famous star rating but also through the realization of practical cases and other testimonials. Communicate on social networks to understand the buyer. To generate leads and win customers on the Internet in B2B, it is essential to understand the expectations and behaviors of the buyer. Social networks are a great opportunity for this. It is important to integrate into your communication strategy on social networks a component aimed at analyzing the behavior of your target.

If a comment does not call for a response, you can just like it by clicking on the heart next to it. Analyze the performance of your actions. To communicate well on Instagram as everywhere else, it is essential to measure the performance of your actions. In order to achieve your goals, analyze each of your Instagram posts. These analyzes will allow you to refine your editorial line, use the right hashtags, determine the right frequency of posts and the best times to post on Instagram. Not analyzing your actions on the Internet is like going blind. Why do this to you? What are the questions she asks herself? What content catches his attention?

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