Thomas is one of the first people I spoke to about digital marketing on Twitter. In a few years, Thomas Portugal Email List is a sure bet. Catherine Cervoni – CathCervoni. Catherine is one of the nicest encounters I have had on Twitter. Benevolent, she loves to be of service and illustrates well what should be social in a “social network”. Catherine is an expert in press relations and relays news on digital marketing and innovation on Twitter. Anouk Déqué – AnoukDEQUE. CEO of the Anouk Déqué agency, Anouk speaks on Twitter about innovation, digital transformation, and digital marketing. Very active, it publishes key information every day to conduct effective monitoring and follow the latest trends.

Valérie Bernard – ValBdeMytte. As seen from the web, Valérie is the extrovert of the team. To validate IRL? Valérie is CEO of the Gimme Social Web agency which has a very interesting blog. She shares her articles on Twitter as well as the fruits of her vigil at a breakneck pace! Kevin Dangu – KevinDangu. For Kevin, marketing yes, but not just any! Kevin likes to describe himself as a fan of values ​​marketing and wonder. Strategic Planner at the Very Well agency, Kevin shares digital marketing and communication trends on Twitter. Vincent Penalba – VincentPenalba. When I met Vincent on Twitter, he was an undergraduate student but was already showing his desire to create and to undertake.

Does that remind you of anything?

I remember being quite blown away by his maturity at the time. In license, I was far from all that! But hey, it was in another disconnected world. Vincent is now a digital project manager at Grenade & Sparks and co-founder of the excellent MMI blog. Florent Letourneur – FlorentHTMY. Florent is the employer brand and HR communication specialist. The Internet and social networks are excellent levers for attracting and retaining the best talent. Florent gives you all the keys to do it successfully thanks to the many articles he shares on Twitter. Stefanie Fiori StefanieFiori. He, it’s the team’s sun. Stefanie has strong opinions and doesn’t hesitate to let people know on Twitter.


For the week of the 14th, I only have Thursday morning available from 10:00 am to 11:00 am. For the rest of the month, it will be difficult to organize ourselves. Sometimes even the positioning of an appointment is complex. It requires many round trips. Sometimes it even leads to a “no meeting at all. To avoid wasting time setting up an appointment according to everyone’s agendas, there are simple appointment scheduling tools. How does an appointment scheduling tool work? You synchronize your online agenda with that of the tool. This diary gives your availability in real-time to the one who consults it. Then, you create a link that refers to the tool’s agenda my agenda for example.

The online calendar

Your interlocutor just has to choose the niche that suits him. Your appointment is made! No more round trips by e-mail, no more call to find out if the schedules offered the week before are still relevant. Your salespeople save time and improve efficiency. Monitoring tools. To the question: “Ideally, when should we contact a prospect?” The answer is: “It depends! However, there are many good times to call a prospect, you just have to identify the events that will make your job easier. For this, the Internet and social networks are a mine of information that you must know how to use. Some tools allow your salespeople to keep watch by following the news around their prospects or specific keywords.

Do you want to generate leads and win customers on the internet? Switch to Inbound Marketing! They can thus be informed of trigger events that are likely to accelerate their sale. This information should not only make it easier for your salespeople to connect with their prospects, but also to contextualize their approach in order to convert more often. The way of buying in B2B has changed. The way you prospect needs. to change as well. I have given you some marketing tools to go in this direction but it is important to modernize your strategy. When I started to communicate on social networks, I really didn’t take my mind. I posted when I had the time and when I was inspired.

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