To attract their attention, in step 1, she regularly created blog articles providing tips for securing their Kuwait Phone Number List breakdowns. The visitors are at the RDV on the site and after?

The objective of step 2 is to offer these visitors content with higher added value that they can download after leaving their contact details. Concretely, for our IT services company, this means, for example, offering a white paper that will present the 10 advantages of outsourcing for SMEs.

Do you see the subtlety? Your target arrives with a problem and leaves having identified your innovative product as a relevant solution!
Demonstrate the relevance of your innovative product by example
At the end of step 2, you have transformed your visitors into prospects. Now you need to convince them to take action by purchasing your product or using your services. The best way to do this is to offer practical cases on your website that demonstrate by example the relevance of your innovative product.

If I take the example of our IT services company, it could very well offer practical cases in its various target areas of activity, such as “Outsourcing: How did the company XXX get rid of its IT?” “. Customer testimonials are also very effective.

The problem you face every day as an innovative or technological company is that your prospects seem to be won over by your product but they don’t want to be the first to buy it. Basically, they need to be reassured, to see that your product is really relevant, before validating their purchase decision. Step 3 is made for that!

The 4ps Of Content Marketing – Sln Web

Content Marketing is the marketing strategy that aims to create content in order to attract more visitors to your website and convert them into loyal customers. To succeed in your Content Marketing strategy, you must validate 4 points: the 4Ps of Content Marketing. Discover them now!
To be visible on the internet and attract new customers via your website and social networks, you must absolutely offer your target unique content with high added value . However, to do this successfully, you don’t have to just write a news item on your website when you have 5 minutes of spare time.

Content Marketing, like traditional marketing, is a real strategy that will require reflection and application. To support you in this process, I now offer you a structure in 4 vital points: the 4P of Content Marketing.

We imagined these 4Ps at the agency to promote the implementation of a Content Marketing strategy with our clients. The 4Ps of Content Marketing allow them to structure their thinking and prioritize their actions. We strongly encourage you to build your content strategy around these 4Ps. The 4Ps of Content Marketing, for a successful content strategy!


What is content marketing?
In order for your content strategy to be successful and to successfully attract new customers with content marketing, it is important to plan for the creation and delivery of your content. You can’t post anytime, anyhow.

For your Content Marketing to be successful, you must. For the first two points, it is very clear. It’s about creating and delivering your content when your target audience is most connected and in the right volumes. Neither too much to avoid getting your customers drunk, nor too much to prevent them from going to the competition for information.

What Are The Relevant Themes For My Target?

When it comes to publishing your content at the right tempo, this is probably less obvious. Concretely, it is about creating your content and distributing it according to the purchase journey of your customers. We are talking about Buyer Journey.

The Buyer Journey is made up of 3 stages. These are the 3 stages that a consumer follows in his purchasing process: awareness (Awareness), consideration of solutions (Consideration) and the purchase decision (Decision).

During the first step, the customer realizes that he has a problem. In step 2, he identifies and analyzes the solutions to this problem. During step 3, he selects a solution and decides whether or not to validate it. You therefore understand that it is important to offer your target content corresponding to the progress of their thinking and that offering them a promotion during awareness is not suitable.To attract more visitors to your website and convert them into customers with Content Marketing, you need to create THE right content. Your content must correspond to your target but also be designed for search engines.

No matter how much you post the most interesting blog post in the world, if it doesn’t rank well in the search engines, no one will see it and therefore not read it.

Content production is therefore the central element of your Content Marketing strategy. You must create your content by validating the following 3 points:

What is the most suitable content format for my theme and my target? Is my content optimized for SEO in search engines? For this last point, I suggest you take note of a practical case that I wrote a few months ago aimed at referencing an article from this blog on the first page of Google.

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