Are you working on your digital marketing plan and wondering what levers to integrate to generate a return on investment? There is Hong Kong Email List where to start. To help you, here are the 4 levers to integrate as a priority into your digital marketing strategy. I know what you are doing. You scratch your head and wonder what levers to integrate into your digital marketing strategy to generate maximum return on investment. Like 90% of the companies we meet, you are attracted to digital marketing and want to use it to generate leads and win customers. The problem is that there are a lot of levers to operate to attract visitors.

And then into customers and you have legitimate doubts about the most effective marketing levers to use. The digital marketing purchasing journey. Remember that your digital marketing strategy must first and foremost be based on the online shopping journey! To help you create an effective strategy, here are the 4 digital marketing levers to integrate as a priority: Lever Work on your natural referencing (SEO) as soon as possible. For your digital marketing strategy to be effective, it is imperative that you have good natural referencing. As a reminder, natural referencing is this lever of digital marketing which consists in optimizing your website and your content to place you as high as possible in the results of search engines.

Turn them into leads

We explain to you how to succeed in your SEO in this article: How to properly rank your website? I recently had a discussion about hyper-growing a business through its online presence. As I’m curious – and hyper-growth phases rarely end well – I strained my ears and – as usual – asked questions. How did you generate so much business through the web? The response was what I expected: We have invested a lot in Google Ads campaigns. The leads were numerous and the cost per lead ended up exploding. More than € 90,000 were invested every month to generate a large number of leads. This peak inactivity has resulted in the hiring of salespeople to deal with them.


The charges eventually became too high and the Google Ads budget had to be reduced. Results: Less budget for advertising = fewer leads to manage = end of hyper-growth. A lead generation strategy that is based solely on advertising investment is not sustainable and can prove fatal for your business. On the contrary, working on the good natural referencing of your website will generate leads in the long term without having to continually invest more and more sums. If you stop SEO efforts, you will still continue to reap the rewards of past efforts. With advertising campaigns (SEA), the moment you stop paying, you will no longer generate leads. The downside to SEO is that the results aren’t immediately felt.

Optimize your conversion points

You will be working at a time T to start reaping the benefits of your actions in several months. This is why it is a priority to set up your SEO strategy as soon as possible. It is a long-term digital marketing lever, but essential to obtain results on your website. A website that generates a lot of visits but few leads has a conversion problem. A correct conversion rate (excluding e-commerce activity) should be greater than 2%. The second level of digital marketing that we advise you to prioritize is therefore that of optimizing your conversion points. Why? Because by working on your call-to-action and your landing pages and your forms.

When it comes to your call-to-action, a single “Contact Us” or “Contact” button is clearly not enough. Make them more engaging and carefully choose their positioning on your pages. To go further, find out how to optimize your call-to-action to generate more clicks! With better CTAs, you will have more visits to your landing pages. Again, work on them so that more people can do the expected action (e-book download, demo request, registration, etc.). Need help on this topic? Check out our article on best practices for creating a landing page that converts! When it comes to filling out a form, your visitor may be suspicious and have in mind that if they leave their contact details.

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