Your marketing and sales digitalization cannot wait any longer. To reach and convince the modern buyer, it is now essential to integrate digital into your marketing and sales strategy. How to do it? Here Bolivia Email List digitalization. B2B marketing and sales digitization. And I said documented! To succeed in the marketing and commercial digitalization of your company, it is essential to work on your strategy in writing. Your documented strategy should include your vision, goals, and clearly outlined action plan. By drafting a documented strategy, you will promote the involvement of your employees in your digitalization and will also have a precise idea of ​​the actions that you will have to carry out on a day-to-day basis.
Technology. The tool is at the service of strategy. But the selection of tools and their implementation must be done according to your strategy. We regularly meet companies that have invested in Marketing Automation tools, without a strategy. The return on investment is nonexistent. Rather than multiplying them, invest in tools that will allow you to: Gain in productivity; Personalize and contextualize your customer approach; Promote the working conditions of your employees; To reach the modern buyer; This is how you will succeed in the marketing and commercial digitalization of your company. The human. Last but not least: HUMAN! We will make it clear here: without humans, there is no digitalization.

The documented strategy

Would you like to be supported in your marketing and sales digitalization? Let’s talk about it during a free consultation: Book a Free 30-Minute Consultation! Conclusion. The digitalization of the company is scary. It’s human. But now, you no longer have a choice: your marketing and sales digitalization is urgent. Whether it is to meet the expectations of the modern buyer, improve performance, support salespeople in their prospecting, empower marketing, or recruit the best talent. Do not wait any longer, act. But not just any old way. And Want to Get Started? Take advantage of our Free Guide.


But especially on the impact that your digital marketing team has on the results of the sales department. By analyzing this impact, you are able to indicate to what extent your digital marketing team contributes to conquering your turnover. Nothing is worse than a digital marketing team having no feedback from salespeople on the quality of the Leads generated. Conclusion. Integrating digital marketing into your business requires a strategy, tools, and management. Very often, the company asks its marketing team to add digital marketing missions to their daily life. In addition to exposing them to overload, it inevitably turns their professional life upside down. As in any change, your marketing team must be supported to meet these new challenges.

Does that mean anything to you?

Reality is scary, change just as much if not more. Your employees need to be reassured and it is essential here to convey your vision very clearly in order to succeed in your digitalization. There is a huge amount of awareness-raising and educational work to be done to start the digitalization of your business. In the context of marketing and sales digitization, it is important to take stock of the prospecting methods used until now and to highlight the drop in performance. Cold prospecting by phone or email no longer works. The buyer no longer wishes to be disturbed by communications that he has not requested. It is therefore vital to review your marketing and sales methods. It goes through your digitalization.
Besides that, digitization contributes to the improvement of the working conditions of your sales representatives. Dealing with inbound leads is still more comfortable than cold prospecting. This is a key argument. Finally, digitalization allows marketing to play a clearer role in the development of the company. Marketing generates leads and plays a central role in generating revenue. By being clear on the current situation, by explaining very clearly the reasons which motivate your decisions, you will be able to draw the attention of your employees to the importance of your digitalization. You can start to launch the big maneuvers. From there, your employees will enter the tough phase of questioning.

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