When we talk to the sales directors of innovative companies. We very often find the same problem: the sales team is competent. The Turkey Phone Number List is slow to make themselves known. By digging deeper and asking the angry questions during these exchanges. We manage to identify the obstacles that the sales manager and his team face in finding new customers. Our experience has enabled us to meet 3 challenges. That you must absolutely meet to achieve your goals as sales director of an innovative company. Obtaining a response from your prospects is a challenge in which all companies are concerned. Of course, without a response from your privileged target, it is not possible to start a discussion.

By focusing here on the prospecting methods of our clients, we notice that this difficulty always arises from the fact that these companies, however innovative, are still prospecting in the old fashioned way. We come across customer approach techniques that are generally based on sending mass e-mails and making telephone contacts. However, the buyer is no longer receptive to his methods of cold prospecting. The buyer now prefers to find himself solutions to the problems he encounters, compare them, select the one that seems most relevant to him and only then get in touch with a sales representative . Suddenly, to get in touch with your prospect, you have to position yourself in different places, throughout their purchase thinking, by providing them with high added value content to feed them.

Precisely Qualify Your Prospects

As an innovative company, your offer is complex and requires a long period of evangelization during which your teams are required to spend a lot of time and energy. Your salespeople must convince a buyer who does not understand the added value of your innovative offer and who sometimes does not even suspect its existence. Rather than throwing your teams into disruptive communications for your prospect, take the time to take a step backwards: identify your customers’ questions, their obstacle to buying, the problems they encounter and to which you can bring concrete answer, the benefits your products bring them. Do you have this list in mind? All of these topics will allow you to build a whole series of content for your website and a series of emails for your salespeople.


This value-added content is essential to attract the attention of your prospects. The buyer no longer expects you to sell a product but to help them solve their problems and achieve their goals. Your prospecting and communication actions should not talk about you but only about your prospect. You must position yourself as an expert in your field of activity and as the best person to help them solve their problems. This creation of specific content for your different types of prospects takes time and requires significant work in structuring your marketing and sales approaches. But the good news is that the impacts on your performance are very numerous. Indeed, once your messages are created, this has an impact on the number of visitors to your website.

Establish A First Telephone Contact With Your Prospects

The number of downloads of your premium content, the engagement rate and responses to your newsletters. Your prospects feel understood and engage by reading your content. You understand their problems and you are able to provide a solution. That’s all a prospect expects from a provider. Your prospects do not all have the same level of maturity, however. Marketing and sales teams must therefore create content that accompanies the different stages of reflection for your prospects. Delivering the right messages to the right people at the right stage of their buying journey is seen as real added value by your prospects. To go further, see the guide to B2B Inbound Marketing for innovative companies.

Follow the right track to reach your destination. Although the paths leading to a new contract may be numerous, not all paths are to be taken. The same goes for your business opportunities. Come to think of it, don’t you want to spend time on dates with people who aren’t mature enough in their buying thinking or even worse, who will clearly never be your customers? IF ? What matters at this point is how you distinguish your less qualified prospects from the highly qualified ones and especially the types of actions you take towards them. The 4Ps of content marketing – SLN Web. The buyer follows a 3-step purchase decision process: Awareness: the buyer realizes that he has a problem to solve.

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