Social media are today essential to communicate effectively. However, it is important to have a South Korea WhatsApp Number List strategy. For this, a thorough and regular analysis is mandatory. Here are the 10 questions to ask yourself about your Social Media communication strategy.

Social media, everyone comes there but too many still have no real strategy. Unfortunately, just creating a social media account isn’t enough to get meaningful results. To communicate effectively on social media , it is essential to develop a real strategy.

Once the Social Media strategy has been defined and implemented, we don’t stop there. The Internet is constantly evolving. The behavior, the needs of Internet users and consumers as well . It is important to regularly analyze your strategy and ask yourself the right questions to ensure the relevance of your actions.

These 10 questions will first allow you to ensure the effectiveness of your communication on social media. They will also allow you to optimize the distribution of your budgets. Are your investments on Facebook justified? What are the consequences? Conversely, you invest very little on Twitter but the returns are exceptional? A new distribution is perhaps to be considered. Analyzing your strategy is an opportunity to take a step back and draw the right conclusions.

Social Media Strategy and Organization
Social Media communication is everyone’s business. It concerns all the members of a structure. Here are 3 questions to ask yourself:

Do the objectives of my Social Media communication correspond to my overall objectives?
Keep in mind that social media are just additional tools to achieve your goals: develop your turnover, gain market share, find a new job …

Is My Organization Mobilized?

It is important to determine the objectives for its Social Media communication in connection with its general objectives. Do you want to gain market share? For that, you have to hit new targets! Social media can help. Do you want to change jobs? You must gain visibility! Social media can help you do this. This question should help you determine how social media is helping you reach your overall goals.

How to communicate on social mediaSocial Media communication concerns all members of an organization, a company. Not just the marketing and communications department. Salespeople must be present on social media for prospecting, human resources for the employer brand, etc.


Do I have a strategy for each of the players?
Social Media communication concerns everyone, yes. But not just any old way. You need to make sure that everyone is pursuing an appropriate strategy. Do sales people have a prospecting strategy? What is the human resources strategy for developing the company’s employer brand on social media?

This question should allow you to make sure that each member of your organization is aware of the importance of their role in your Social Media communication and that they adhere to the strategy assigned to them.

Social Media Strategy and Impacts
Determining objectives is good, but it is important to measure their progress, to study the impact of your Social Media communication in order to optimize its strategy if necessary.

Have I determined performance indicators for each of my objectives?
To measure the progress of an objective and the impact of your Social Media strategy, you must determine points to analyze, performance indicators (KPIs), which will allow you to precisely analyze the impacts of your actions.

How Do I Compare To The Competition?

Do I have a precise method for analyzing my performance indicators?
It is not enough to determine performance indicators to effectively measure your Social Media communication strategy. They must also be analyzed in a relevant way. For this, you must work on dashboards, reports, to be edited regularly. Once a day ? Per week or per month? It’s up to you to determine.

These two questions should allow you to list the points to follow to check the relevance of your Social Media communication strategy. They will confirm that you have perfectly analyzed your performance indicators and that your reports and summaries are sufficiently clear and precise to optimize your actions.

Measuring the results of one’s actions does not mean that they are good. You have to compare them. Put them in touch with the market and the competition: size of its community, engagement rate, e-reputation …

This question should allow you to better situate yourself in the market, to know your strengths but also your weaknesses. You will then base your strategy on your strengths and work on it to reduce your weaknesses.

Social Media communication strategy, how?Social Media Strategy and Resources
A good strategy is above all resources: budgets, manpower and tools. It is important to have the right resources to carry out your strategy and especially not to overestimate your means.

Are my results up to my investments?
Now that you have analyzed the impact of your actions, you must compare them to your investments, measure your ROI (Return on investment) . This question is crucial. It will allow you to determine the proper use of your resources and possibly suggest a new distribution.

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