In B2B, your website must be your best salesperson. It allows you to generate leads and convert them into customers. Are you on the Jamaican Email Addresses a B2B website? The results of your website are not up to your expectations? Here are the 10 characteristics to integrate into your B2B website to gain customers. An effective B2B website displays a clear message. I regularly meet B2B companies who are disappointed with the leads they generate from their website. These leads are of low quality and are in fact not potential customers. Faced with this sad observation, I see two positions: companies that blame: visitors who do not understand anything.

And those who agree to review their message. If the contacts you generate with your B2B website are not good, your message is not good. To generate quality leads and convert them into customers, take care to think carefully about your added value and how to translate it on your website so that it is fully understood by your target audience. An effective B2B website offers high added value content. Content is the central element of your internet marketing strategy. Content is what makes you attract qualified visitors to your B2B website. The rule here is clear: an effective B2B website doesn’t sell, it helps! Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Why and how do they use the internet in their B2B buying thinking?

An effective B2B website has a blog

The digital marketing purchasing journey. B2B buying journey. The B2B purchasing journey is a 3-step journey that always begins with research allowing decision-makers to understand their problem in-depth and to identify all the solutions available to them. Do you see what I mean? Your B2B website should not talk about your solutions, it should deal in depth with the problems encountered by your targets. Having a B2B showcase website is no longer enough. As we have just seen, the B2B decision-maker does not directly seek a company but information around its problem. To do this effectively, nothing better than integrating a blog into your website. The blog will allow you to write articles with high added value, like this one.


An effective B2B website contains landing pages. Creating an effective B2B website is above all about creating a conversion funnel. Your goal is not only to attract visitors to your website. It is also and above all to convert them into prospects. For this, you must imperatively capture their contact details. That’s what a Landing Page is for. To go further: How to create an effective landing page? An effective B2B website displays call-to-actions. This brings us naturally to this 5th characteristic of the perfect B2B website. A Call-to-Action is quite simply a call-to-action button like the one you can see at the end of the article. A Call-to-Action must encourage.

Because that is the whole issue

The visitor to go to your Landing Pages to leave their contact details and therefore be converted into a lead. Mathematically, the more Call-to-Action your website contains, the more likely you are to generate leads. Please note, it is important to follow the steps in the purchasing process for your Call-to-Action to be effective. Here we can help you with our online digital marketing coaching sessions. To go further: How to create an effective call-to-action? An effective B2B website is optimized for natural referencing. In B2B, the vast majority of visitors to your website come from search engines, primarily Google. Getting your website listed on Google is, therefore, a major stake in B2B.

B2B lead generation stats. While 90% of B2B decision-makers admit to never responding to a sales prospecting call, 61% of them start their purchase thinking on a search engine. You must therefore do everything possible to rank your website well on search engines and take the first position. An effective B2B website offers intuitive navigation. You know, the B2B decision-maker has no time to waste. Like all of us after all. So like you, the decision-maker does not hesitate to close your website and come back to Google to click elsewhere if he does not find what he is looking for in a few thousandths of a second. Creating an effective B2B website means thinking about the user experience.

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