As arnie kuenn writes. With so much content being published every day. People are bound to miss a blog post or video once in awhile. However. Through repurposing. Your audience may come across your content after it has been altered. Through a different channel. A good example of a marketer Benin Phone Number List repurposing content is eugene cheng. After repurposing his existing content on slideshare. Eugene was able to get over 2 million views for his presentations: and that’s not all… cheng was able to rank an additional page for the long-tail keyword. “presentation design singapore”: 

Whether you repurpose your content into a slideshare presentation. An infographic. A video. Or any other medium. Content repurposing expands the life cycle of your content Benin Phone Number List even further. Making it evergreen for years to come. 4. Syndicate your content have you ever read a popular blog post only to later notice it everywhere? If you have. That’s because of content syndication. The idea is simple: when an article performs well on one platform (driving a ton of traffic and backlinks in the process) it’s pitched to other platforms (often major media outlets) in the hopes of achieving similar results. 

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The thing is… you don’t have to wait for other outlets to accept your work. Take benjamin hardy. For example. By copying and pasting all of his blog posts onto medium. He was able to get 20.000 subscribers in 6-months: image source: goins writer but growing your email list isn’t the only benefit that comes Benin phone number from syndicating your content; it increases your brand’s reach too. James clear illustrates this perfectly. By syndicating his content on multiple outlets. He’s able to increase his reach and expose himself to new audiences he wouldn’t have otherwise: guess what I’m going to ask you to do? Go into google analytics and identify your highest-performing content. Then. Pitch it to domain authorities in your niche with audiences similar to yours. 

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If you can provide screenshots of statistics such as social shares. Traffic. And more. You’ve got a good chance of getting it syndicated and improving your brand’s visibility in the serps. 5. Add content upgrades to your content (hint: not how you think) you’re probably familiar with content upgrades. Benin Phone Number List And for good reason: they’re super effective for increasing conversions. When done right. It’s possible to boost conversions by as much as 785% (no. That’s not a typo). But there’s a problem… everybody’s using them. In fact. It’s hard not to visit a site now without noticing the yellow call-out box that’s become a standard feature of the content upgrade: so. How do you get noticed in a 

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Busy online marketplace? You use content upgrades on other mediums. Check out this recent youtube upload from jack canfield: instead of including content upgrades in his blog posts (something everybody’s doing already) he includes them in the meta-descriptions of his videos: while it’s impossible Benin Phone Number List to know his conversion rate. It’s safe to assume they’re high with the number of subscribers he has. Likes his videos receive. And the fact that so few people are following this strategy. Add content upgrades to your content. Of course. But try thinking beyond blog posts. How could you use them in ways others haven’t considered? 6.

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