If you want your audience to give you their email address and then engage with the emails you send. The content of your popup forms must fit. It must be excellent. But before we get Croatia Phone Number to the design of your popups. Let’s talk about traffic – because without traffic. There is no point in having an optimized site. Rule #1 – develop traffic the more users you attract. The more you’ll get prospects. End users and subscribers. And the more you’ll be able to boost your sales. As a consequence. Theoretically. 

Traffic leads to sales. Some website owners manage to get very high conversion rates and great sales despite very poor traffic. But it’s rare. And without huge traffic. It will be tough for you to Croatia Phone Number achieve the turnover you want. Following the same principle. If you want to collect massive emails with the help of popups. You better have massive users on your website. It’s normal: the more people that visit your website. The more people shall hand over their email. According to an analysis executed by sumo on 1.754.957.657 popups. The average conversion rate of a popup is 3.09%. It’s an average. 

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Some popups are said to get conversion rates as high as 50%. And the conversion rate of the best 10% is said to be 9.28%.. Pop-up conversion rates so. You can see how it is better to Croatia phone number have 30.000 internet users visiting your website per month. Than 300. In the first case. The average rate. Rounded to 3%. Tells you that you can expect 900 subscriptions / month. Instead of 9 in the second case. As well as many other digital topics: without great traffic. It will be difficult to achieve the results you want. 

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So start with the traffic. And ask yourself this question. Incessantly – how can you increase the traffic of your website? The list is silver. But never forget one thing: your content must be gold. That’s the reason why you must create an outstanding added value. Rule #2  – create value your product or Croatia Phone Number service must be excellent. The more you create value. The more people will recognize the beauty and the added value of what you create. And the more they will give you their email address via the popup forms you install on your website. But quality is not the main criteria. Contrary to what many people might think. Nowadays. Many products are sold and bought while being superficial. Technically not ok. And very bad at the time. 

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You already bought products of very mediocre quality. You now that well. Things like a bottle of red wine with a weird vinegar taste. You know I’m right. No. In business. The main criteria is not (always) the quality. But the product/market fit. That’s totally different. But if you create value. Everything Croatia Phone Number will be alright in the long term. So. Let’s summarize. First. You need traffic. Second. You must create value. Third? Third. You must install popups on your website that really rock. And it starts with the selection of the format. Rule #3  – choose the right format there are 4 main popup formats: welcome mat

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