You have undoubtedly identified a problem that all our customers encounter: you have difficulty in South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Email List because they often do not understand your solutions. too innovative or even do not even suspect the existence. You must therefore face a crucial issue. Attracting the attention of the buyer when the latter is not looking for you directly. To meet this challenge. You must identify the keywords that will allow you to position yourself in the face of the problems. That your customers encounter. To get started, I recommend that you identify 5 strategic keywords to focus your efforts on. Important point: when I talk about keywords. I am talking more about key phrases.

Indeed, in France, a buyer types on Google a search containing 4.5 words on average. So how do you go about identifying your strategic keywords? I advise you here to create an Excel file made up of 4 columns. A vital keywords column, an important words column, a secondary keywords column, and a key expressions column. how to attract visitors with inbound B2B marketing In the first column, you list all the essential words to describe your activity. Are you an IT company? Your vital keywords will be IT, SSII, ESN, Outsourcing, etc … In the second column, you list the important words which alone do not allow you to describe your activity but which, coupled with the vital words,

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bring an important precision. For our IT company, an important keyword could be “maintenance”. In the third column, you identify words that alone do not mean anything but which, together with the preceding words, allow you to strengthen your positioning. Here you can put a city, for example, or popular terms like “cheap”. In the fourth column, you mix all the words from the previous columns to get key phrases. Some won’t mean anything, you can delete them directly. For the others, you will need to validate if they are relevant keyword phrases. To check if a keyword is worth working on in your inbound marketing strategy, you need to check the level of competition and the number of monthly searches in your market.


I recommend you here to use Yoda. generate qualified prospects with Inbound Marketing Select the right levers to attract qualified traffic Now that you have determined the strategic keywords for your Inbound Marketing strategy, you will be able to select the right levers to operate and define how to operate them to attract qualified visitors to your website. As a B2B company, you have different levers at your disposal to attract qualified traffic with B2B Inbound Marketing: SEO; Content Marketing or Content Marketing; Social networks; Online advertising; 1. Natural SEO Natural referencing consists of doing everything possible to position your website well on search engines, with Google in the lead. You know it:

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the buyer who enters a search on Google will not take the time to scroll through the pages and will only visit the results on the first page. Your challenge here is to position your website on the first page of Google results for the strategic keywords you have selected previously. For this, you must work on the following points: The content of your website must contain your keywords; The structure of your site – the code – should contain your keywords in the main tags; Your website must be mobile-friendly and load quickly; You must have links from other sites that point to yours; To go further, I recommend that you read our 4-step methodology to properly reference a website.

Content Marketing Content Marketing must be the central element of your B2B Inbound Marketing strategy. Concretely, you must define a content strategy based on the problems encountered by your target. To help you understand the importance and how Content Marketing works, we have imagined the 4P’s: What is content marketing P for Planning The first thing to do to put in place a relevant content strategy for your Inbound Marketing is to plan the creation and delivery of your content. Concretely, to attract qualified visitors to your website and convert them into prospects, you must: Create and distribute your content at the right time; Create and distribute your content at the right frequency; Create and distribute your content at the right tempo.

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