A volume of Leads and a volume of MQL. By setting such goals, you ensure that Marketing and Sales work Sao Tome and Principe Email List buyers’ expectations. just a click away: information on your offers, your competitors, and your market in general. In this situation, you need to put in place an effective. Inbound Marketing strategy in order to attract the buyer to your website during their thinking. And convert them into a lead. The implementation of a Marketing Automation solution allows you to make better use of commercial resources. Indeed, being able to contact a prospect at the right time, with the right message. And at the right timing is the dream of all salespeople (in any case, it’s mine!).

Portrait of your ideal customer including demographic but also behavioral information related to their thinking and their purchasing journey. Be altruistic and benevolent! 5. Your content has no Call-to-Action The previous mistakes are strategic mistakes. This one is ultimately very stupid and can easily be corrected. What is lead generation on your website? Convert your visitors into leads by retrieving their contact details. To do this successfully, the best practice is to offer premium content for free download to allow your visitors to mature and move forward in their buying thinking. In this process, it is essential to include your content. Call-to-Action, call-to-action buttons that encourage the buyer to take the action you expect from him.

The Prerequisites For A Good Start

Simply. Before embarking on the big maneuvers of B2B Inbound Marketing, take the time to work in collaboration with the sales department on the typical profile of a qualified prospect: What type of business does he work in? What is its function? What are the issues he encounters? How does he get information? What is their behavior throughout their buying thinking? Determining all of its elements in agreement with the sales department will allow you to better select the leads that you will send to salespeople and therefore improve your conversion rate into customers. PREREQUISITES bis: define relevant common objectives Now that you have precisely determined the typical profile of the qualified prospect.


it is important that you define aligned marketing and sales objectives to put in place the right B2B Inbound Marketing strategy. Generally, the objectives of the sales department come down to a volume of turnover and a number of new customers signed. For your B2B Inbound Marketing strategy to be effective, you must translate business goals into marketing goals. To do this, I recommend that you carry out the following reflection: Define the number of leads needed to sign the number of targeted customers; Define the number of visits necessary to generate these leads from your website; From then on, you will know how many additional visits you need to attract to your website and therefore the actions to be implemented to generate

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the volume of qualified prospects necessary to sign the number of new customers targeted. Now, you are ready to move on to B2B Inbound Marketing: here are the 4 steps to follow. Do you want to keep the Guide to B2B Inbound Marketing and make it your bedside book? Download it for free in PDF format! New call-to-action Step # 1 of B2B Inbound Marketing ▸ Attract more visitors to your website To generate qualified leads on your website, it’s very simple but you need to have visitors. And not just any visitors: qualified visitors. In other words, your Inbound Marketing strategy must first allow you to gain visibility with your target and encourage them to visit your website.

As we saw in the introduction, as a B2B company, here you have to take up a big challenge: to attract the attention of the buyer when he is not aware that a solution like yours exists and perfectly meets his needs. You must therefore be cunning to position yourself not as a solution but rather to face the problems of your target for which your offer is a suitable solution. In this process, you must define two things: The strategic keywords used by your target; The levers to operate – and how to operate them – to attract the right visitors; Identify the right keywords If you are a marketing manager or director in a B2B company.

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